JumpCloud Password Manager Browser Extension

Once you have the JumpCloud Password Manager installed as a desktop and mobile app, the next step is to install the Password Manager browser extension. 


  • You must be enrolled as a user in JumpCloud Password Manager.
  • You must have the desktop app or mobile app version of JumpCloud Password Manager installed.

Download your extension

  • We offer extensions on a wide variety of browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, and Edge.
  • You will be prompted to download an extension during the installation of the Password Manager desktop application, but the step can be skipped and done later.
  • To download an extension after the installation, go to the web store for the desired browser and search for JumpCloud Password Manager.
  • Once installed, access the extension by clicking on the puzzle piece in the upper right corner of your browser window. Select the pushpin icon next to this extension to pin it to the browser window.

Browser Extension Overview

The browser extension is broken into three parts. The left margin shows the different sections of the extension. The middle section shows all the vault items, and the far right section shows the details of whatever item is currently selected.
From top to bottom, here are the left margin options:

  • The top circle is just an identifier – an initial of the user.
  • Folder – you can select which folder to view, such as All Items or other folders which have been set up for personal or work use.
  • Default view – this will show items in the selected folder, along with details of the selected item.
  • You can select a specific type of vault item to view from the All Items dropdown menu.
  • Password Generator – you can create passwords of varying complexity.
  • Settings – you can set preferences for setting the JumpCloud Password Manager as default, unpairing on exit, and other details like behavior with forms, 2FA, the backup schedule, and experimental features.
  • Import tool – you can import passwords and other information from a previous application. See Password Manager Import Tool
  • Refresh button – click the refresh icon to force a refresh of the browser extension.
  • Lock – clicking the lock icon will lock Password Manager.

Adding Passwords Manually

It is also simple to add passwords as you are logging into a site. JumpCloud Password Manager will prompt you to save passwords as you are logging in.

  • Select the Add to JumpCloud button to save the Username and Password, adding other details like a Nickname for the site and a Folder if desired.
  • Click Save and continue working.
  • The next time you log into this site JumpCloud Password Manager will prompt to auto-fill the Username and Password fields.


If 2FA is set up for a site, JumpCloud Password Manager will offer to auto-fill that token for you as well.

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