Start or Stop a Feature Trial

A feature trial starts when you complete the first step to use the feature. You can also end a trial by discontinuing use of the feature. 

You can re-initiate a trial after 24 hours have passed since turning off use of the feature. If you initiate a new trial within 24 hours of removal, you will resume the previous trial period.

See the table below to learn what actions trigger a trial experience and the steps required to end each trial experience.

Timestamps for the following Event Types are visible in Directory Insights, where you can also see who initiated each event:

  • trial_start: Admin started trial
  • trial_stop: Admin stopped trial
  • trial_resume: Admin resumed trial less than 24 hours after an admin stopped a trial


Add the Resource Name column to the Directory Insights Activity Log table view see which features the trial events reference. See View the Directory Insights Data Activity Log for more information.

Feature with Trial Experience To Start Trial: To Stop Trial:
Conditional Access Policies
  1. Configure a conditional policy.
  2. Add a condition to the policy.
  3. Ensure that the Policy Status is ON for the policy with the condition.

Remove all conditions from configured conditional access policies.

See the steps for removing a conditional access policy in Configure a Conditional Access Policy.


Password Manager
  1. Enroll at least one user group in Password Manager.
  2. Click Send User Invites.
  1. Remove all user groups from Password Manager.
  2. Alternately, click Deactivate Password Manager in the top right of the Password Manager page.
Patch Management
  1. Configure an OS patch management or browser patch management policy. See Get Started: Patch Management.
  2. Bind a device or device group to the policy.

Unbind devices and device groups from the patch policy, or delete all OS and browser patch policies that have a device or device group assigned.

See removal instructions in Create a Policy.

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