We believe a hands-on experience with the JumpCloud open directory platform™ is the best path to solve your IT challenges and experience JumpCloud features before you decide whether to buy them. Because of this, we offer all of our features in our free offering: “JumpCloud Free” (for up to 10 users and 10 total devices, subject to our Directory-as-a-Service Agreement). 

As a JumpCloud Free customer, you can try the JumpCloud service and all features for free for up to (and including) 10 users and 10 total devices. If you exceed 10 users or 10 devices, you no longer qualify for JumpCloud Free.  

If you’re on a paid subscription, you’ll also have access to all features — we encourage you to experiment with features outside of your subscription so you can determine whether they’ll add value for you. As you find features you love, contact your Account Manager, or email [email protected], to upgrade your subscription. We may also follow up with you periodically to discuss the addition of new features you’re using to your subscription.

As a paying customer, here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll determine your subscribed features when you select a JumpCloud subscription found here
  • You’re always welcome to try features outside your current subscription for free during the fair use period.
  • Your fair use period for a feature lasts for 30 days from the date you first use the feature.
  • JumpCloud may follow up on a periodic basis to discuss use of features outside your subscription.
  • You may choose to stop using any such feature at any time. 
  • You will be billed for use of any feature outside your subscription after the fair use period.

We trust our customers and want to treat you fairly. If we conclude that you are abusing this policy (regarding JumpCloud Free or the fair use period), we may contact you to require you to pay for the features of the service you are using. We may update this fair use policy from time to time by posting the revised policy on this page (or a successor page).  This fair use policy reflects our belief in an open platform where you can try our features before making a purchasing decision.

Last Updated: February 14, 2023