Enroll users in JumpCloud Password Manager: Admins

JumpCloud now offers a full feature password manager that is integrated into the JumpCloud product and all of our single sign-on applications. Admins and users will have a seamless authentication experience without relying on a third-party solution.


  • Anyone wanting to enroll in Password Manager must be enrolled as a JumpCloud user, including admins. See Get Started: Users to learn more.
  • To take full advantage of Password Manager functionality, users should add JumpCloud Password Manager to their devices from the applicable app store or play store.

Enroll User Groups in Password Manager

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Go to User Authentication > Password Manager.
  3. Click the green + Enroll by User Group button, or go to the Users tab and click the green Edit Group Enrollment button.
    password manager users tab
    password manager enroll by user group modal with filter to hide dynamic groups
    • Use the filter by selection to Hide Dynamic Groups, if desired.
    • Select the User Groups for enrollment.
    • Click Save to send the user invites.


Best practice is to select static user groups rather than dynamic user groups, since users could be unexpectedly removed from a dynamic group which will cause the user to be deactivated from Password Manager.

  1. You can view the Service Status of each invited user from the Users tab.

Remove User Groups in Password Manager

To remove user groups from Password Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Uncheck the box(es) next to the user group(s) that are currently bound to Password Manager.
  2. Click Save. A confirmation dialog appears. In the textbox, type the number of groups you want to remove.
    password manager remove user group dialog
  3. Click Remove User Group to proceed.


If a user is removed from the group, or the group is removed from Password Manager, that user will be deactivated from Password Manager. If they then get re-enrolled, they will need to restore their passwords from their backup file.

User Experience for Password Manager Enrollment

  • The user will receive a Password Manager Invite email, and will be prompted to Download Password Manager.
  • The user will follow prompts to download and launch the application.


Here is the download link, if needed.

  • Once the application is launched, the user will receive another email; this one contains a verification code to enter on the Verify Account page in the application.
  • Once the account is verified, the user will be prompted to create and confirm a PIN.


This PIN is how the user will access the application, and should be something the user can remember.

  • Once the PIN is confirmed enrollment is complete.
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