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JumpCloud cares what our users think. You can request features and give us your ideas from the Support menu of the JumpCloud Admin Portal's top menu.

Requesting Features from the Support Menu

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Navigate to your account initials > Support. 
  1. Click Submit An Idea.
  1. Fill out the Submit Your Idea modal.

Filling Out the Submit Your Idea Modal

Try to provide as much detail as possible about your idea.
What would make your experience with JumpCloud better?
Describe a solution to a problem or idea that would make JumpCloud more efficient for users. 

What problem are you trying to solve? Have you seen this problem solved elsewhere?
Tell us what problem you are currently experiencing and how the product is impeding effective work. Additionally, highlight other tools you have seen which allow you to solve your problem and how.

Category (Select a single category this idea most closely relates to):

  • Admin & User Management
  • Integrations (AD, M365/Entra ID, Google Workspaces, Applications)       
  • Authentication (RADIUS, Passwordless)                         
  • Security Management (Conditional Access Policies, MFA)                 
  • Device Management (Agents, Commands, Policy Management, Patching)       
  • Directory or System Insights (Reporting)                       
  • User Experience (Usability, Admin & User Portal, Settings)           
  • Multi-Tenant Features         
  • Other

How important would the feature be to you?
Tell us how significant it is that we solve this issue for you; you can choose nice-to-have, important, or critical. 


Keep in mind that each field on the Submit Your Idea modal is required to request a feature. 

What to Expect After Requesting a Feature

When you request a feature, it goes directly to our Product Management Team for review. We get lots of great ideas and unfortunately can’t respond to all of them. However, we do look at all requested features.

If we have any initial questions, a member of our team will contact you via email to learn more.

Otherwise, we’ll categorize your idea with feedback we’ve received from other customers and save it for when we start investigating your need as part of our roadmap. That way, you’ll be on our short list of customers to connect with when we start investigating the need, defining solutions, or developing early access features that might meet your needs.

If you need an immediate response or require someone to help you work through an issue, it’s best to contact JumpCloud Support.

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