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JumpCloud's Case Portal is a part of the enhanced Support menu that allows IT Admins to easily view and track submitted ideas and support cases. It centralizes all of your organization's cases and submitted ideas into a filterable list with clickable case numbers to view each item's details. 

Accessing the Case Portal

  1. Log in to your JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Navigate to your account initials > Support > Case Portal > View Case Portal.
  3. A list of all cases and ideas for your organization will appear. 


The newest cases will always be at the top.

Using the Case Portal

To view cases

  1. Cases and Ideas are listed in the following sortable columns:
    • Case Number
    • Subject
    • Type
    • Reporter Name
    • Status
    • Date Created
  1. Click the carrot (⋀) next to the column’s name to sort them in ascending or descending order.

To filter cases


One or more filters can be used for queries.

  1. Click Filter to expand the menu.
    1. To filter cases or ideas submitted by yourself, select Reported by me.
    2. To filter by Type, select Idea or Support.
    3. To filter by Status, select one or more of the following checkboxes:
      • New – The case hasn’t been reviewed by JumpCloud.
      • Reviewing – Applies to Idea type only. Product Managers are actively reviewing and considering this idea. 
      • In Progress – Applies to Support type only. A JumpCloud support engineer is actively working on this support case with the reporter via email communication.
      • Closed – JumpCloud has resolved the Idea and Support case.
      • Future Consideration – Applies to Idea type only. Product Managers have reviewed this idea and determined there is potential. Although it won’t be implemented in a near term roadmap, it may be considered in the future. 
      • Not Being Considered – Applies to Idea type only. Product Managers have reviewed the idea and determined it’s not viable.
  1. The number of filters used in the query will appear next to the Filter button; click Filter to see the results.
  2. Click Clear All to reset the filter to default.
  3. Click Filter to collapse the menu.

To search cases

  1. Click in the Search field in the top left of the portal.
  2. Searches are available for:
    • Case Number
    • Subject
    • Description
    • Reporter Name
    • Reporter Email
  1. Click ‘x’ to clear your search results.
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