AD Reimagined in the Cloud

JumpCloud takes the concept of the directory service and delivers it on-demand from the cloud — no hardware required. Use JumpCloud to centralize your identities, manage user access to devices and IT resources, control device settings, and more.

Auth to Cloud Resources

Provision user identities and access to your organization’s work apps through SAML, Just-in-Time (JIT), and SCIM. Integrate with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and HRIS platforms to unify your identities.

Extend Identities to Any OS

JumpCloud supports Windows, Mac, and Linux authentication and provides group-based access and policy management to control device settings. Enforce MFA upon login and use Conditional Access controls to enforce Zero Trust device security.

Easy Migration

The Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU) helps companies easily migrate Windows systems to JumpCloud from existing Active Directory domain environments. The tool converts domain-bound Windows user profiles to local profiles that can be managed by JumpCloud, with all user attributes preserved.

Extend AD

If your organization is considering replacing your AD but not quite ready to do so, use JumpCloud’s Active Directory Integration feature to act as your sole solution for extending your on-prem AD identities to non-domain resources like Mac, Linux, web apps, and more. With bi-directional identity sync, AD Integration lets you fully manage your AD users remotely from the cloud.

One Platform for All

Whether in the cloud or on-prem, your identities, devices, and access can be securely managed from a single platform — regardless of where employees work. No need for point solutions to manage non-Microsoft products like Google Workspace, macOS, Zoom, or Slack.

Optimize TCO

How much are you really paying for AD? Besides obvious costs like hardware and software, AD has hidden costs like maintenance, add-on software as well as network equipment. The JumpCloud directory platform offers a cost-effective solution that covers all aspects of managing your identity, device and access in one tool — no point solutions required.


I’m a big supporter of moving into the cloud, and I think the sooner, the better. Everybody knows that the days of the domain controller and Active Directory are gone. It’s just a matter of phasing them out. My next piece of advice would be to try JumpCloud.

Enrique Salgado, Global IT Director, Cabify

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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are required to migrate from AD to JumpCloud?

Using the JumpCloud AD Migration Utility, you can choose which AD users and bound devices you want to manage in JumpCloud and let the tool do the rest. Built on the Windows ADK, the ADMU converts non-local user accounts into local device accounts that can easily be ported into JumpCloud to be controlled through the cloud.

What does the AD Integration tool connect to?

Non-Windows devices (Mac/Linux), cloud applications, cloud LDAP and RADIUS, Google Workspace, and much more. Use the AD Integration and Sync to manage all resources effectively using JumpCloud while still keeping AD as your source of truth.

Doesn’t Azure AD Replace On-Prem AD?

No, Azure AD is designed only to complement traditional Active Directory, with the ability to manage Azure AD/Microsoft 365 identities and access to select web apps. JumpCloud is the only true full-suite Active Directory replacement solution.