Core Directory / User Identity Services

The True Total Cost of Operating Core IT Infrastructure in the Cloud

Meet the Speakers:

Brett Ramberg

Co-CEO and Managing Partner

Altitude Integrations

Dennis Clark

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Today, any changes you make to your IT infrastructure depend on a multitude of factors. Everything from enabling remote work, your existing technology stack, company growth, staff expertise, company initiatives, and ultimately cost all factor into the decision.  

In this webinar, Brett Ramberg, co-CEO and managing partner of Altitude Integrations, a Colorado-based cloud focused managed service provider, will share how he approaches these critical business decisions. Brett will walk through how they determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) of core directory infrastructure for their customers.

This live event is designed to help you understand the TCO of traditional directory infrastructure, such as Active Directory, versus cloud-forward directory solutions, like JumpCloud. Join Brett and JumpCloud's Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Dennis Clark, to gain insights that will help you calculate the TCO of directory services and make the right decision for your organization.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Altitude Integrations views the TCO when advising cloud focused portfolios to clients
  • Which critical factors and decision-making tools the experts prefer in TCO calculations
  • How to calculate the TCO of a cloud directory platform versus legacy solutions

Core Directory / User Identity Services

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

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