Core Directory / User Identity Services

Choosing, Implementing, and Operating an All-in-One Cloud Directory

Meet the Speakers:

Bill Mrochek

Group Product Manager


Justin Price

IT Manager

Lotus Management Services, LLC

Check out this webinar to learn from Justin Price, IT manager at real estate firm Chase International, on how he selected and implemented his company's first-ever directory during a global pandemic. Hear Justin discuss the features that were essential in an identity and access management solution, how he got up and running with JumpCloud to manage a workforce that was both in the office and remote, and what features he now uses in his day-to-day IT operations with JumpCloud's platform at the intersection of directory, identity, and device.

Core Directory / User Identity Services

Going Remote: Transitioning from In-Office to At-Home in 3 Days

Speakers from JumpCloud

30:30 Minutes 30:30 Minutes

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

Maintaining a Secure, Productive Onboarding/Offboarding Experience in a Cloud-Focused World

Speaker from JumpCloud

13:29 Minutes 13:29 Minutes

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Device Authentication and Management

Remote Device and Application Management with Richard Hickson

with Richard Hickson, IT Consultant

55:59 minutes 55:59 minutes

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