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Choosing, Implementing, and Operating an All-in-One Cloud Directory

Check out this webinar to learn from Justin Price, IT manager at real estate firm Chase International, on how he selected and implemented his company's first-ever directory during a global pandemic. Hear Justin discuss the features that were essential in an identity and access management solution, how he got up and running with JumpCloud to manage a workforce that was both in the office and remote, and what features he now uses in his day-to-day IT operations with JumpCloud's platform at the intersection of directory, identity, and device.

Core Directory / User Identity Services

Going Remote: Transitioning from In-Office to At-Home in 3 Days

Ryan Bacon and Noah Rosen

30:30 Minutes 30:30 Minutes

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

Maintaining a Secure, Productive Onboarding/Offboarding Experience in a Cloud-Focused World

Chase Doelling

13:29 Minutes 13:29 Minutes

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Device Authentication and Management

Remote Device and Application Management with Richard Hickson

Richard Hickson, Greg Keller, and Dan Fay

55:59 minutes 55:59 minutes

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