Unified Endpoint Management for Windows®, Mac®, & Linux®

JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® gives sysadmins a single console to manage their fleet of Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations, laptops, and servers. From user provisioning and permissions control to MFA and FDE enforcement, manage and secure your systems with point-and-click simplicity.

The Next Generation of System Management
  • Single pane of glass control over all OSs
  • Password rotation & complexity management
  • MFA endpoint protection
  • Cross-OS GPO-like enforcement
  • Apple MDM
  • Event logging for user authentication
  • RESTful API for automated system configuration and fleet management at scale
  • No VPN for system binding and 'check in'
Admin Efficiency

Admin Efficiency:

JumpCloud expedites and automates onboarding, reporting, & management. Execute tasks, configure systems, and enforce policies at scale.

OS Independent

OS Independent:

Give your users the freedom to use their preferred devices, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux. Simplify IT with integrated system management.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance:

Sleep well at night with your systems locked down. Use JumpCloud to help achieve PCI, HIPAA, SOX, SSAE16, & ISO27001 compliance.

System Management Features

User & Password Management

Provision and control local user accounts either from the JumpCloud admin console or through JumpCloud’s API. A user provisioned in JumpCloud can then be extended to LDAP, RADIUS, SAML, and system endpoints. Manage permission settings (such as MFA & Admin/Sudo) and enforce password policies across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Policy Enforcement

Leverage JumpCloud’s Policies to lay down security and configuration settings across your fleet of systems. Choose from a list of point-and-click policy templates to manage screensaver settings, disable USB storage, enforce full disk encryption (Bitlocker & FileVault), and much more.

Command Execution

Create and execute scripts in the language of your choice against your endpoints. Leverage commands & scripts for system checks, compliance reports, software installation, and more. Commands can be run on-demand, scheduled to run, or triggered via webhooks.

SSH Key Management & MFA

Increase the security across your fleet of servers and laptops with SSH key management and control, and multi-factor authentication for additional protection to critical servers or employee laptops.

Secure, Agent-based Binding

JumpCloud leverages a lightweight agent to maintain communication between systems and the cloud directory. Leveraging a highly secure mutual TLS PKI binding architecture, and requiring only an outbound 443 connection, JumpCloud's agent securely connects to the JumpCloud infrastructure to download instructions, commands, user account changes, and more.

API Integration

Leverage JumpCloud’s RESTful APIs to accelerate server auto-scaling and to interact with Commands, Policies, System Groups, and other Directory Objects. Use the JumpCloud Graph to associate objects with each other or establish membership between objects. Achieve granular, automated control over authentication, authorization, and access to IT endpoints.

JumpCloud PowerShell Module

Use PowerShell for Windows, Linux, or macOS to programmatically control your directory. You can automate onboarding, modify data at scale, and trigger commands to run across groups of machines. Learn more about using the JumpCloud PowerShell Module.

System-based Password Changes for Mac

JumpCloud’s Mac App provides a frictionless experience for employees to change their credentials in a familiar and secure place: the top menu bar of their macOS device. Enable Mac users to conveniently change the password to their core JumpCloud identity directly from their workstations, which updates connected services simultaneously.

Software Management

Install software from Chocolatey’s public repository onto Windows devices to remotely manage software on end user computers, automate processes, and streamline employee onboarding.

Apple MDM

Leverage Apple MDM in the Admin Portal for macOS system management to push remote commands that secure and govern JumpCloud-managed devices. Connect your organization to Apple’s Device Enrollment Program to enroll systems into JumpCloud’s MDM through Automated Device Enrollment. An account with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager is required for configuration.

Full list of features on our Pricing Page.

Case Studies

Ooyala Case Study

Mass User Management at Scale:

The poster child for JumpCloud administration automation and ride hailing giant, Grab, leverage RESTful APIs and Slack to automate new user generation and handle IT requests with ChatOps. You can learn more about their journey here.

Tamr Case Study

PriorityOne Manages Remote Clients Instantly:

London-based MSP, Priority One, needed to migrate their 50+ client customers to the cloud, and fast. The JumpCloud PowerShell Module became their ace in the hole, pushing changes en masse to their clients remotely and swiftly.

Altitude Integrations Case Study

On and Offboarding “with the Click of a Button:

The Church Online had to scale to meet the needs of their over 2000-strong user base. With JumpCloud’s G Suite integration, LDAP, and OAuth integrations, they made their on and offboarding a breeze.