Your Existing Identities, Leveraged Outside the Domain.

JumpCloud’s Active Directory® Integration extends AD identities from on-prem domain controllers to IT resources that are difficult to bind with AD. The integration enables users to log in securely to cloud-based and non-Microsoft resources with their AD credentials. Through JumpCloud’s AD Integration solution, administrators gain better control, security, and freedom of choice over IT resources.

JumpCloud AD Integration
  • Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® user & system management
  • Provision users in Active Directory directly from the JumpCloud web console
  • Bidirectional password, user, state, and group sync between AD and non-domain resources
  • Manage access entirely through AD or via the JumpCloud web console
  • Control remote/unbound identities & systems
  • SSO to applications through SAML and cloud LDAP
  • Cloud-hosted RADIUS
Extend AD

Extend AD:

Maximize your investment in Active Directory. Extend AD identities to cloud apps, VPN, wireless networks, servers in AWS®, Google Cloud, and more.

Unified Identity

Unified Identity:

One identity for a user to access virtually everything they need; computer- or web-based user self-service password modifications of AD credentials.

Better AD Experience

Better AD Experience:

Improve end user password management self-service and improve administrative efficiency by controlling AD users, groups, and more with a web-based admin console.

Active Directory Integration Features

Create AD Users from the Cloud

With AD Integration, admins can create new users from either AD or their JumpCloud Admin Portal through a bidirectional sync to all connected resources. That means new users can be provisioned remotely and granted access instantly to virtually all IT resources, including instant access to web applications.

Authenticate AD Users to Systems

AD identities can be provisioned as local accounts on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems that are not directly bound to Active Directory. Further, admins can take advantage of the complete array of JumpCloud’s system management features, such as GPO-like policy management for Mac, Windows, and Linux, script execution, and multi-factor authentication, all without requiring a VPN connection for check-ins and updates.

Seamlessly Govern Suspended States

Leverage AD Integration to have full control over synchronous user state management across JumpCloud and your AD domain. Suspend/disable users in the JumpCloud Admin Portal or AD to govern users wherever you're working.

Sync AD users to G Suite™ and Azure® AD / Office 365™

JumpCloud’s AD Integration enables a continual sync from AD to G Suite or Azure AD / Office 365 identities without middleware utilities such as Google Cloud Directory Sync or Azure AD Connect. JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service will securely transmit all password, state, and account profile changes directly from Active Directory to those services to keep them in constant sync.

Extend AD Users to Apps/Services with LDAP, RADIUS, & SAML

JumpCloud’s cloud RADIUS service simplifies access management on WiFi and VPN networks. JumpCloud’s LDAP endpoint can bind AD user identities to on-prem and cloud-based resources that require standard LDAP authentication (such as Jira®, Jenkins®, or NAS devices like Synology® or QNAP®). Finally, JumpCloud’s SAML 2.0 SSO federates AD identities to web apps with no need for ADFS or other AD add-ons.

Full list of features on our Pricing Page.