Papernest uses JumpCloud to streamline IT management, using JumpCloud partner Devoteam to ensure a smooth implementation

Papernest is a software company that helps people manage their household subscriptions — like electricity, gas, home insurance and mobile phones — in one place. Founded in 2015, Papernest has nearly 900 employees and is headquartered in Paris, with offices in France and Spain; the company maintains a hybrid work environment, with employees working from home part of the time. To date, Papernest has helped more than 3 million customers get more control over their monthly bills.

Needing to consolidate identity and mobile device management

When Carles Anton Güell joined Papernest as an IT manager more than a year ago, the company — which relies on a mix of Windows, Linux, and Mac machines — was using several different solutions to manage devices and identities. 

At the time, half of the company was using Active Directory, and Papernest didn’t have any mobile device management solutions in place.

“I’m in charge of all of the IT in the company,” Carles says. “We were not really managing the computers because we didn’t have the right tools.”

Managing everything through a single pane of glass with JumpCloud

Just like Papernest helps customers manage all of their subscriptions in one place, the company was looking for a solution that would bring the same centralized control and convenience to IT management.

As someone whose personal network is full of fellow IT folk, Carles was familiar with JumpCloud because his friends had been talking about it and singing its praises. Since Carles knew the platform’s capabilities — which matched Papernest’s requirements — he presented the product to the management team as the solution to their needs.

“I was pushing for JumpCloud,” he says. “To have everything in a single place is amazing.”

After pitching JumpCloud as an identity and mobile device management solution to his manager and CTO, Papernest opted to test the waters with a free trial, provisioning 10 accounts to manage through the platform.

“You can try all the features,” Carles says. “It’s awesome.”

Partnering with Devoteam to ensure a smooth implementation

Liking their free trial experience, the Papernest team decided to move forward with a full deployment. To ensure a smooth rollout, Papernest joined forces with JumpCloud partner Devoteam, an IT consultancy with offices across EMEA.

“Devoteam is great,” Carles explains. “They are really good technicians. Every time you ask for something, they either have a solution or they help you have a solution in place as soon as possible.” 

While Carles and his team managed the bulk of the JumpCloud implementation, they encountered some issues along the way due to a lack of familiarity with the platform. With Devoteam by their side, Papernest had the on-demand expertise they needed to ensure a successful rollout.

IT management made simple

Above all else, Carles is most impressed by the fact that JumpCloud has enabled the team to centralize device and identity and access management. Thanks to JumpCloud, day-to-day life for the IT team is easier.

“We can manage everything globally from a single place — not every MDM solution is able to manage a Linux system,” he says. “Now, we are deploying everything on JumpCloud.”

Improved security posture

With JumpCloud, the Papernest team has also been able to strengthen its security posture. Carles and his team have pushed out policies onto each device and now have much better control over identities and access. They’re also using JumpCloud’s Cloud RADIUS solution to centralize authentication to WiFi networks at their offices, further strengthening their systems.

“All of this is embedded in one place,” he continues. “It’s great for us.” 

On top of this, Papernest is using JumpCloud Go™ and Password Manager — which enables users to store credentials locally on devices — to shore up security even more.

“Before, every user was recording their passwords with a competitor solution, but it was another thing to manage,” Carles says. “JumpCloud Go and Password Manager are great features for us and for our users.” 

Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

Before JumpCloud, access was partly managed by hand. Whenever an employee needed access to most of the SaaS services Papernest uses, someone on the IT team would have to manually configure it.

With JumpCloud, those sorts of headaches are disappearing.

“It was a fairly manual process before,” Carles explains. “Now, we’ve built some automation into it, and we’re continuing to integrate all the apps we are managing. Soon, we will have the onboarding and offboarding fully automated. I’m so excited.” 

To set new hires up for success, the Papernest team sits down with each of them for 10 minutes and explains what JumpCloud is, how it works, and how it makes their lives easier — smoothing out the onboarding process even more.

A solution that grows with them

Each quarter, Carles looks forward to JumpCloud’s product roadmap webinars that highlight upcoming features the team is building.

“I’m always there to see the news of the product,” Carles says. 

In JumpCloud, the Papernest team has found a product that solves their most pressing IT needs and continues to deliver features that make IT management even easier.

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