Can Directory-as-a-Service® help us manage remote employees and offices?

Yes. By shifting the core directory service to the cloud, JumpCloud enables IT admins to easily connect and manage remote workers and offices. This is achieved without a VPN to authenticate workstations or other resources. The end user’s system doesn’t even need to be connected to the on-prem network. A user’s system simply connects to the cloud-based directory service securely, and the user’s endpoint can be managed and secured all without VPNs, on-premise infrastructure, or the conventional firewall. Learn more.

Using JumpCloud, how does RADIUS work on the cloud?

With our cloud RADIUS platform, the RADIUS server is integrated with the cloud directory service. IT admins simply need to point their WAPs (wireless access points) to the JumpCloud virtual RADIUS server. Then, you choose to use either PEAP or EAP-TTLS for authentication, and the RADIUS server will automatically verify the user’s credentials with the onboard cloud-based directory service. You can see this process visualized in the RADIUS-as-a-Service Reference Architecture image here. Learn more.

Can a cloud directory like DaaS eliminate our need for VPNs?

JumpCloud’s cloud identity management platform eliminates the need for a VPN to connect back to the on-prem directory service, for authentication and authorization chores on most resources. Privileged resources (e.g. production servers in your cloud hosting provider, etc.) may still require VPN for appropriate access. In these cases, JumpCloud can control VPN authentication through our LDAP or RADIUS services, ensuring that the VPN log-on remains the same and the benefits are still intact. Additionally, even if the user’s Internet connection fails, the user can still log in to their systems and continue working against local resources without any issues, unlike the need for on-premise directories to have VPN sessions initiated first to authenticate and check-in. Learn More.

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