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It’s been about two years since we announced our intention to build a cloud hosted directory service called Directory-as-a-Service®. A lot has changed in two years, and in some ways not much has changed.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of JumpCloud and our Identity-as-a-Service platform.

Our Achievements So Far…  

jumpcloud directory-as-a-serviceIn two years, we’ve validated the concept that a cloud directory makes a lot of sense.

We’ve grown the business very quickly. It’s humbling to know that many great organizations trust our service to help them achieve their goals. We have an amazing team that works incredibly hard to deliver a great solution to wonderful clients.

The MSP ecosystem has embraced a virtual identity provider as a game changer for their business. And, we’ve been fortunate to work with great investors and advisors.

How We’re Evolving…

daas Directory-as-a-Service Replace Active Directory


Many of our early customers didn’t have a directory service. They were largely using Google Apps (now called G Suite) or Microsoft Office 365 and were cloud forward. MacOS and Linux devices were all over their network in addition to Windows. AWS was generally their choice for cloud servers.

For these organizations, it was a natural progression to choose Directory-as-a-Service. An on-prem directory service didn’t make a lot of sense and nor did one that didn’t support all of their various platforms.

Over the last year, we have been surprised at how many organizations that already have Microsoft Active Directory are reaching out. We always knew that ultimately we would be helping organizations replace Active Directory. I think what caught us by surprise was how many it was. I guess in retrospect it makes sense. The IT landscape is shifting more rapidly than ever:

  • More organizations are leveraging cloud platforms – and those organizations are larger than ever too.
  • Only one in five devices now runs Windows [Forbes]. That’s a dramatic change from a decade ago.
  • Web applications are the new standard. Microsoft is shifting everybody to Office 365. G Suite is a major contender as well.
  • Identity security is more critical than ever. Companies are being hacked daily and the #1 vector of attack is user credentials.
  • SaaS delivery models are more advantageous to IT organizations. They leave the heavy lifting to the provider and only pay for what they use.

These are fundamental trends. They aren’t going away and the good news is that Directory-as-a-Service is aligned with each one of these. It’s why we see so many IT admins signing up for a free account to check it out. IT organizations don’t want to expend time and resources on something that they can just have delivered to them packaged as a solution.

Then there’s the fact that Active Directory doesn’t support their heterogeneous and cloud environments. Microsoft won’t budge and IT is getting fed up with it. This is why our latest ebook is about why IT admins are “Breaking Up with Active Directory” (I encourage you to check it out, I think you’ll get a laugh out of it).

Replace Active Directory – The Future is Cloud Forward & Vendor Neutral

jumpcloud SaaS

While we love to see so many people using our platform, it might be the fact that these organizations are finally free from the lock-in that they’ve experienced in the past that is most gratifying.

We have always treated Mac, Linux, G Suite, AWS, and more as first class citizens. Our platform doesn’t discriminate based on your choice of operating system or vendor.

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The benefit for organizations is that they can pick the right IT solutions for their team without having to worry about integration issues. Cloud, SaaS, and mobile have been all about the democratization of IT, and we believe that the directory service is the cornerstone of that movement.

The Directory for the Modern Business

It would be easy for us to just build the same things as Active Directory, but that’s not our strategy. We have put forth the effort to deeply understand our customers so that we can see what their core problems are and what solutions would help them.

jc-learn-moreDon’t think of JumpCloud as a mere platform to replace Active Directory. We’re re-imagining Active Directory for the modern era. This is no small feat. We understand to our core that directory services are mission critical and they require top-of-the-line security, high availability, and the independence to work with any IT resource.

We hope that you’ll join us on this journey to a cloud directory. The world we envision is one that is open, independent, and secure. Drop us a note if we can help you think about the future of your IT infrastructure. I also encourage you to check out our Resources page, where we’ve collected all of our guides, including the new Onboarding and Offboarding Checklist.

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