Customer Story: Patch of Land is Replacing Active Directory

By Natalie Bluhm Posted August 15, 2017

The workplace has changed, and IT has barely been able to keep up with changes like satellite offices, mixed platform environments, the cloud, and web-based apps.

Patch of Land is a crowdfunding real estate lending and investment platform based out of Los Angeles, California, that was facing these new changes and looking to adapt. Luckily, they found JumpCloud, and have since enjoyed an optimized, modern IT environment.

William Kim, the System Administrator for Patch of Land, was kind of enough to sit down for a Q&A with us and share his experience using Directory-as-a-Service®.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Patch of Land?

William: Patch of Land is a crowdfunding real estate platform based on its P2RE (peer-to-peer) online marketplace offering various typologies of secured real estate debt. Assets are backed by first position liens and personal guarantees. We match investors and lenders seeking alternative fixed income opportunities to borrowers seeking alternative sources of financing for their real estate investment needs. I have been brought on board to act as an IT Support Specialist and System Administrator.

What was your environment like before JumpCloud?

William: We have been using G Suite, OneLogin Single Sign-On, and now we’ve added JumpCloud for LDAP.

Why did you want to leave Active Directory?

William: When I joined the team at Patch of Land, we were already in the process of migrating away from Active Directory® (AD) and onboarding new employees and their laptops onto JumpCloud. Due to the many difficulties, limitations and requirements of Active Directory, our CTO, Brian Fritton, made the wise decision of completely migrating off of AD. We have a mixed environment of Windows, macOS and Linux systems as well as a satellite office here in Los Angeles. We also have users in other states, as well as a mobile workforce that frequently travels for mission critical trade shows, events, and investor meetings.

It wasn’t very efficient to manage our users Active Directory with all of their needs. Every remote user would need VPN access to connect to the locally managed AD server.

What I really like about JumpCloud is being able to remotely reset passwords, run commands or even prepare laptops for onboarding new employees with the scripting and group tagging features of JumpCloud. The JumpCloud agent is awesome because it is lightweight and easy to install – within seconds you are ready to bind users to any system with the JumpCloud agent running!

Did you consider any other options?

William: As soon as I started, our CTO, Brian Fritton, already knew the challenges of managing a mixed environment with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with one solution. Also at least two AD servers are needed so there isn’t a single point of failure. It just made sense to go with JumpCloud’s cloud based LDAP system. It’s as simple as installing the JumpCloud agent and it works seamlessly with the JumpCloud admin web-based control panel. It’s amazing!

The agent works great on macOS systems and we will be testing it on Google Cloud Platform based Linux systems as well.

How have you integrated DaaS into your IT environment?

William: We have migrated everyone from the AD server and they are now on the JumpCloud LDAP (Loving it!!!). We also have plans to use JumpCloud to manage the Linux based servers that we have on the Google Cloud Platform.

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If you enjoyed reading Patch of Land’s customer story, you might also enjoy reading how Morton Public Library moved to the cloud. If you would like to learn more about how you can replace Active Directory, drop us a note. You can also start testing what it would be like to start running a modern, cloud-based directory by signing up for a free account. Your first ten users are free forever.

Natalie Bluhm

Natalie is a writer for JumpCloud, an Identity and Access Management solution designed for the cloud era. Natalie graduated with a degree in professional and technical writing, and she loves learning about cloud infrastructure, identity security, and IT protocols.

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