Use the JumpCloud App for Slack

The JumpCloud App for Slack lets JumpCloud admins handle quick user administration tasks  from their Slack workspace with slash commands. Create a Slack application in your Slack Workspace, then deploy a serverless application to your own existing cloud infrastructure in AWS or Azure.

The following tasks can be handled through slash commands:

  • Suspend JumpCloud user accounts
  • Restore JumpCloud user accounts from being suspended
  • Unlock locked JumpCloud user accounts
  • Reset a JumpCloud user account’s password
  • Reset a JumpCloud user account’s MFA TOTP token

User Account Prerequisites

You can execute slash commands with the user's JumpCloud Username or the user's Slack Display Name, but the user's JumpCloud email address and Slack email address need to match. If the email addresses don’t match, you can use the JumpCloud Username to execute these commands. For more information on these commands and how to execute them, see Using the JumpCloud App for Slack.

Admin Account Prerequisites

To execute commands in a Slack workspace, you need to have a JumpCloud admin account, and your Slack email address needs to match your JumpCloud admin account email address. You also need to have a role that lets you modify user accounts like Administrator with Billing, Administrator, Manager, or Help Desk. Any other Slack user that attempts to execute a slash command receives an error message and the command isn’t executed.

Getting Started

To get started with the JumpCloud App for Slack, see the following documentation:

Additional information about how to find logging for the JumpCloud App for Slack can be found in the following documentation:

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