Prepare Autotask PSA for Integration in the MTP

Prepare AutoTask PSA before integrating with your JumpCloud environment. The AutoTask PSA integration is used to integrate AutoTask with the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) to stay informed on your costs and product usage, along with being alerted on actionable incidents in JumpCloud.

Autotask PSA Prerequisites:

  • Recurring Service contracts assigned to all of the accounts.
  • Create a new API user. 
  • Associate your Integration Vendor with JumpCloud.
  • Generate the API Key (Username) and Secret (Password) in AutoTask PSA to configure in the MTP.
  • This integration works by mapping your JumpCloud companies to your AutoTask PSA Accounts, and specifying the Contracts and Service you use to represent your JumpCloud product in your catalog. This means that for every company you want to sync, you need:
    • An active Contract assigned to the Company of type “Recurring Service”
    • A Recurring Service assigned to the Contract that represents the JumpCloud product

Assign recurring service contracts to accounts:

  1. Log in to your AutoTask PSA account and click on the blue icon in the top left-hand corner to open the menu. 
  2. Select CONTRACTS, then under the Search section, select Contracts again. Under Contract Type, you can see which ones already have a Recurring Service assigned to them. You want to make sure that you have a service assigned to each particular contract because this service is going to represent the JumpCloud product within AutoTask PSA.
  3. Select a Contract Name to open its details, then in the left-navigation menu, click on Services.
    • Additional details shown are the Unit CostUnit Price and Units. This integration will update the Unit Cost and the Units (which is your High Water-Mark) for each Account nightly. 


See Setting up your services in AutoTask PSA to learn more.

Create a new API user, and generate the Private Key and Secret:

  1. Click on the blue icon in the top left-hand corner to open the menu. 
  2. Select ADMIN, then under the Commonly Used section, select Resources (Users)
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the New button, and then select New API User.
  4. You can name the new API User First Name: ‘JumpCloud’, and Last Name: ‘API User’ or something that you’ll easily recognize.
  5. Under Security Level, choose API User (system). This integration needs to read and update the Unit Cost field within the individual services that you assign to each contract. 
  6. Fill out the required Email Address field and choose a Primary Internal Location
  7. Under CREDENTIALS, click Generate Key and Generate Secret. This will create a unique Username (Key) and Password (Secret). These will be used to configure the integration within the MTP.
  8. Under API TRACKING IDENTIFIER, select Integration Vendor, then open the Integration Vendor dropdown menu and choose JumpCloud – Cloud Service Directory from the list.
  9. Click Save & Close.

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