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This Getting Started resource page serves as a launch point for you to discover our technical reference materials for each of JumpCloud’s features to accelerate your learning and success using the product. There are also other helpful resources available to you during the course of your evaluation of JumpCloud that are discussed below. 

Getting Started Articles – Admins

The JumpCloud admin account is responsible for the management of your JumpCloud organizational tenant. This privileged account gains access to the JumpCloud Admin Portal to perform all general operations related to managing your tenant: adding JumpCloud users and systems, adding or removing other admins, and so on. Your admin user is an entirely separate object from a JumpCloud user account and is not intended to be an identity that gains access to resources. Its sole purpose is to manage the tenant.

Our list of Getting Started articles is designed for JumpCloud admins to familiarize themselves with each of the features of our Directory-as-a-Service. 

Getting Started – Users

The User account is the core identity for your employees, and is the account type that is used to authenticate resources against. This account type gains access to resources through their ID (either the User’s UID, username or email, depending upon the requirements of the resource, and all of which is stored on the user account). Similar to the admin, the user can log in to their JumpCloud User Portal for security and data management needs, and to access SAML-based applications.  

The following article answers questions commonly asked by your organization's employees about what JumpCloud is as their identity management provider:

Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

JumpCloud offers a wide range of content ― from technical video tutorials to topical industry content ― to deepen your knowledge of our product and the industry. Get started with these links:

Getting Support

The following resources provide guidance on JumpCloud’s Technical Support and Customer Success sites, and how you can get the help you need from our support staff:

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