MSP 96firm Helps Futronix Simplify Identity and Mobile Device Management While Improving Security with JumpCloud

Futronix is a technology supplier and installer that offers audio, video, security, networking, connectivity, lighting, energy, and automation solutions to residential and commercial customers. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Westlake Village, California, Futronix’s customers include Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the Hollywood Wax Museum, and Guinness World Records.

96firm is a managed service provider that offers tech support, home automation services, blockchain consulting, and print, graphic, and web design to corporate and residential customers across California. The company — a JumpCloud partner — was founded in 2002 by Ricky Jordan, who also works as the senior technology manager at Primitive Skate.

Needing an identity and device management solution for a rapidly growing customer

Over the last several years, Futronix has been experiencing massive growth in both the residential and commercial installer markets. As the company continued to onboard new clients, Futronix hired 96firm as a managed service provider to help assemble a scalable tech stack that would enable founder Brian Brett to easily control and configure services for employees and customers alike.

“Brian had a specific vision of how he wanted his user’s accounts, apps, and devices to be managed,” Jordan explains. “Futronix’s foundation is in tech, and they are in the business of linking multiple systems together to deliver seamless experiences.”

Demonstrating the power of JumpCloud

For more than four years, Jordan has been implementing the JumpCloud platform for clients across industries. When Brett came to him asking for a tool that would enable him to manage all customer and employee accounts from one place, Jordan quickly scheduled a demo.

“After showing the demo, I mocked up the vision and flow of how JumpCloud would be the essential tool in the Futronix toolbox,” Jordan says.

Liking what he saw, Brett quickly agreed, and Jordan got to work rolling out JumpCloud.

Delighting a customer & finding a long-term partner

To kick off the implementation, Jordan paired JumpCloud with Microsoft 365.

“After an audit of all the apps and accounts that Futronix uses in its day-to-day functions, we set up single sign-on (SSO) and system for cross-domain identity management (SCIM),” Jordan explains. “This allowed Futronix’s users to quickly onboard with a single username and password and easily authenticate to their apps without keeping track of multiple logins.”

To further secure accounts, Jordan implemented JumpCloud Protect™ to push multi-factor authentication (MFA) controls on mobile devices. At the same time, he also deployed conditional access policies to make life easier for users by not requiring MFA when they were using trusted company devices.

Mobile device management made easy

Using the JumpCloud mobile device management platform, Jordan enabled Futronix to manage all devices — Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android — from a single pane of glass while binding users to specific devices along with SSO.

“Paired with Patch Management and Policy Management, we were able to further secure the devices and better manage the update cycle with full visibility into the device state and details,” Jordan continues. 

Rapid onboarding

Jordan added software management to Futronix’s JumpCloud instance, which enabled the company to set up device templates to automatically configure devices and download and install software on them.

“If a new employee joined the company — or if an outside contractor brought their own device — Futronix could get these new users set up in an instant,” he explains. “Prior to implementing JumpCloud, this process used to be done manually and could take hours at a time while following a manual checklist flow.”

Tightening up security even more

Futronix uses enterprise WiFi solutions internally and also deploys them in customer projects. To streamline WiFi authentication using SSO logins with JumpCloud instead of a shared passphrase, Jordan added RADIUS to the deployment.

Additional security controls include:

  • Cloud LDAP, which was “game-changing for Futronix” and includes SSO and conditional access logic to the company’s LDAP tech (e.g., NAS storage).
  • Password Manager, which “became an essential tool in the Futronix toolbox” by enabling the company to manage logins for customer sites, produce randomized passwords, store MFA credentials, and view password health in real time.

Last but not least, Jordan deployed JumpCloud Remote Assist to enable Futronix to manage devices remotely in the event a technician needs to troubleshoot issues or perform additional tasks.

A lasting partnership for 96firm

In 2023, 96firm became an official JumpCloud MSP.

“We enjoy bringing solutions like JumpCloud to our clients as we get to share in the joy and excitement of giving the client something that is so impactful,” Jordan says. “At 96firm, JumpCloud is one of the top — if not the top — products and solutions we offer just because it does so much. It is a foundation product which is very important, as the rest of our clients’ tech stacks are built on top of it.

Looking ahead, 96firm is excited to continue implementing JumpCloud with new clients.

“JumpCloud is reliable, robust, and innovative, and there are always new features and upgrades around the corner — all with a friendly and supportive staff,” Jordan concludes. “What’s not to like?”

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