Policies: Point-and-Click System Management

Cloud Directory GPOs for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® Management

JumpCloud Policies are a cloud-based, multi-platform analogue to Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPOs) that give admins a point-and-click way to configure OS behavior on JumpCloud-managed devices. Policies can be applied to entire fleets based on the defined system groups, or to individual systems as necessary — regardless of their location.

  • Apply policies to systems and system groups with no coding required
  • Set up cross-OS policies for system security and compliance
  • Queue policies to run the next time a system is online
Policies List

How Policies Work in Three Easy Steps

Add a Policy

Set up policies to control and secure systems and ensure they meet your organization’s compliance standards

Configure and Push:

Set up policy variables and arguments by OS-specific policy and then bind it to a system or system group to apply the policy to the specified systems of that OS.

See Results:

Deployed policies return status in minutes to indicate a healthy state or flag something that needs attention.

The Power of Policies

Enforce policies for FDE, software installation, lock screen time, remote storage, and more to govern your fleet’s standards.

Assign a policy to a system group to bulk-apply the policy to every device of a specific OS.

If users with local admin rights modify system configuration, JumpCloud automatically modifies their configuration to comply with the admin-set JumpCloud policy.

You can create a policy with either the web-based JumpCloud Admin Portal or the JumpCloud PowerShell Module, which can be run directly from the admin’s machine (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Don’t see a policy you’re looking for? Submit an idea from the Admin Portal or check out JumpCloud Commands to see even more ways to remotely manage systems.

JumpCloud Policies