System Insights

Fleet-wide inventory, security, and configuration intelligence

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Critical Visibility Into Your Endpoints

System Insights provides automated delivery of asset, security, and configuration data across your fleet of macOS®, Windows® and Linux® machines. JumpCloud continuously delivers its data directly from your systems to a cloud-hosted data warehouse for instant querying, reporting, and streamlined delivery to your logging and SIEM infrastructure.

JumpCloud provides visibility so that you know your infrastructure is secure and have the control that you need to keep your employees happy and productive.

Cross-OS Asset Management

You can't protect something that you don’t know exists. You can't enable your team to be productive if they don't have the right tools or if the tools that they use are inhibiting them. System Insights give you the deep visibility you need into hardware, software, and configurations on endpoints. You'll know what systems are at risk and what you need to do to fix them.

With this data output, you can:

  • Inventory the hardware across your systems by examining vendor, model, serial numbers, computer names, CPU types, and memory size.
  • Clean up obsolete application installs and assist IT administrators with license management.
  • Examine the patches, kernels, and operating systems across your fleet in order to update older versions and bring your systems infrastructure into compliance.
  • Report on the storage capacity of systems and identify ones that require hard drive upgrades.

Compliance Reporting and Analysis

A large aspect of achieving regulatory compliance is proving the systems that access corporate resources are secure and under appropriate governance. Along with JumpCloud’s Mac®, Windows® and Linux® user account and policy enforcement features, admins can leverage System Insights to extract, report on, and analyze data from within the system itself on a continual basis. This ensures that system configuration baselines match corporate standards.

With this data output, you can:

  • Show that only specific users and groups can access systems that contain proprietary compliance information.
  • Identify the machines which have not rebooted in the last 30 days.
  • Report on systems across your fleet that do not have disk encryption enabled thereby allowing administrators to take corrective action.
  • Pinpoint systems that are connecting to less secure guest networks instead of the more secure office network.


Even with continual AV and real-time threat scanning, your systems aren’t secure. Suspicious data and files, unapproved applications, and artifacts like SSH keys or zombie user accounts still find their way to corporate-managed systems. Data provided by System Insights assists security and compliance teams to continually review and remediate threats when discovered on all laptops, workstations, and servers.

With this data output, you can:

  • Discover systems with unauthorized mounted volumes and USB drives.
  • Identify and report on installed application versions and browser extensions if encountering a recent security exploit.
  • Generate a list of unencrypted systems to verify security status.
  • Determine if unmanaged and unauthorized users and groups reside on systems.