Customize Directory Insights with Saved Views

Written by Leia Schultz on November 3, 2020

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JumpCloud®’s Directory Insights™ tracks directory events across users, devices, and resources in your IT environment to centralize this data in an accessible, ready-to-use format. The feature’s Activity Log has different filter and column options to apply and narrow down your view, surfacing just the data you want to see in a given timeframe.

With its latest update, you can customize and save go-to Directory Insights views for even easier access to information you need, when you need it.

Why Drilling Down into Data Matters

Directory Insights does what the human brain can’t do: process and document thousands or millions or billions of events, including who did what, when, and from where, as they happen. This tool captures a whole lot of information that is critical for IT administrators and MSPs to have visibility into when looking into a user issue, or proving compliance during an audit. 

What makes Directory Insights something special is its capacity to aggregate activities from so many resources — across SSO applications, user- and admin-level changes, MDM commands, LDAP, RADIUS, and managed Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® devices — and show them to you in a consistent, clean presentation.

The Power of Saved Views

The addition to new Saved Views in Directory Insights within the JumpCloud Admin Portal offers admins another way to maximize their productivity and make tasks like proving compliance less of a hassle.

JumpCloud Admins can customize their choice of filter, column, and time range configurations and turn them into Saved Views. Your Saved Views are the personalized directory data insights you look at most often and, thus, want to get to quickly. Create as many Saved Views as you’d like to, and find them along with the feature’s Quick Views (views of JumpCloud-defined common scenarios with templated filters and columns, like seeing all login attempts or all user state changes in a click) in the Views drop down menu.

Directory Insights Saved Views can be especially helpful for recurring or repetitive tasks, including going through compliance requirements and passing audits. JumpCloud product leads Neil Riva and Paul Nguyen will show this off in JumpCloud’s November 17th webinar, The Trifecta of Compliance: Enforcing, Proving, and Passing Audits. Save your virtual seat today!

Other things to know about this feature: 

  • The Saved Views you create will be accessible to and editable by all other admins in your organization.
  • You can edit and update existing Saved Views with new filters, columns, and time range criteria any time. 
  • If a view isn’t surfacing data, check the time range to make sure Directory Insights is pulling information from a valid range.
  • Saved Views work for relative time ranges, like “Last 7 days” (otherwise, they’ll default to show you data from the last one hour).

Find more feature details in the Knowledge Base.

Customize How You See Your Directory Data

With Saved Views added to Directory Insights, you can quickly filter, search, and save data that matters, all in one central console. Saved Views helps you find information to make decisions in minutes, not hours, centralizing the insights that you can download as JSON or .CSV and store for as long as you need.

Try out the JumpCloud platform today with a JumpCloud Free account, and add up to 10 users and 10 devices as you test drive. You’ll also get premium chat support with JumpCloud experts for your account’s first 10 days.


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Leia Schultz

Leia is a product marketing manager at JumpCloud who focuses on the insights and device management products in the Directory Platform. A native Boulderite, she can be found frequenting local breweries, OZO coffee shops, and hot sauce suppliers, and enjoys seasonal outdoor activities like camping, biking, and skiing (which are all better when partnered with beer, coffee, and hot sauce).

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