Creating a Truly Optimized New Employee Onboarding Process with JumpCloud and Personio

Empatica is a digital healthcare technology company that creates medical-grade wearable devices, software, and algorithms designed to monitor human health and improve patient outcomes. Founded in 2011 as a spinoff from the MIT Media Lab, the company is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Milan, and currently has over 100 employees.

Streamlining New Employee Onboarding to Set Up for Scale

As the healthcare industry continues to invest in artificial intelligence and wearable technology to improve patient experiences, Empatica — like other companies in the space — is growing rapidly. 

To accommodate that growth, Empatica needed a way to scale its new employee onboarding workflow, by making it more streamlined and efficient. 

“It was a long process, to say the least,” explains Lorenzo Servadei, a security engineer at Empatica. 

Here’s what that process looked like: HR would send IT a message telling them about a new employee. Once they received it, IT would have to set up a Google account and a new email address. After that, they’d send the information back to HR while setting up a new computer and shipping it to a new employee.

If there were any issues with the account setups, Servadei said HR would let them know when those issues materialized, and then IT would fix the issues by hand: “Onboarding when this happened was not a smooth process, and it was very time-consuming with a lot of administrative work.” 

Choosing JumpCloud for Device and Identity Management

Empatica had already been using Personio for people management. So, when they heard the news that Personio and JumpCloud were partnering to enable Personio’s customers to implement zero-touch employee onboarding, Servadei and his team were ecstatic to give it a shot. 

After a relatively quick implementation process, the Empatica team was up and running on JumpCloud, and they haven’t looked back since.

Accelerating Onboarding and Improving HR Collaboration with JumpCloud

Working with JumpCloud’s integrations team, connecting JumpCloud and Personio was easy, Servadei says. “They helped us with any issues that came up,” he explains. “But the training we had through JumpCloud University made the whole experience very smooth. It was super easy to use — and a very helpful tool for remote onboarding.”

With JumpCloud and Personio powering their operations, Empatica is ready to write its next chapter. Here are some of the benefits the team has already experienced since rolling out JumpCloud earlier this year.

Increased IT efficiency

Thanks to JumpCloud, the Empatica team has been able to modernize its IT workflows, enabling them to increase productivity and accomplish more in less time.

“With the integration of JumpCloud, efficiency has become a reality for our team,” Servadei says. “It makes life easier for IT across the board. Implementing any new IT process is so easy.”

Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

With Personio and JumpCloud working hand in hand, the onboarding and offboarding processes are now a breeze. This gives Servadei and his team the confidence that comes with knowing they have the right tools in place as they scale.

“I am able to onboard and offboard in what seems like minutes when it used to take days,” Servadei says. “All sections of the onboarding process are now tightly integrated. It saves so much time and energy.”

Improved security

Prior to JumpCloud, managing devices and protecting company data was something that was “time-consuming and often forced us into collaborative and cumbersome operations, because offering the highest security standards for company data has always been a priority for us,” Servadei explains.

“JumpCloud has changed that overnight,” Servadei explains. “Now we feel more confident with JumpCloud and we have a solution in place that can guarantee this as we scale. SSO has been a game-changer for us to maintain the security of the applications we use at the highest standards.”

Strengthened collaboration

For Empatica, JumpCloud has strengthened the relationship between IT and HR. Now, both teams are confident that they are working together productively and efficiently, which encourages them to collaborate more frequently.

“HR is no longer putting any strain on our IT team,” Servadei says. “It’s now a partnership. We even surprised ourselves about how quickly we could make a change to improve efficiency while ending up with a much better security posture.”

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