BinBin Uses JumpCloud to Simplify CloudOps & Improve Security While Building Sustainable Transportation Solutions

BinBin is a technology company that produces environmentally friendly transportation solutions for cities, which come in the form of electronic scooters. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Istanbul, BinBin employs more than 500 people. The company — which serves cities across Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, and Azerbaijan — has raised $16 million to date.

Looking for a Better Solution Than Microsoft Active Directory

For the last eight years, Sinan Deniz has been managing cloud environments for companies across Turkey. Instead of deploying on-prem infrastructure and legacy systems, Deniz has always gravitated toward new technology and cloud solutions.

“When I entered the IT field, everyone was doing the same thing,” Deniz says. “To manage users, it was only necessary to install Microsoft Active Directory, pay thousands of dollars to manage it, and use systems that didn’t enhance the user experience. I did not accept this structure.” 

Seeking a better way forward, Deniz started researching Active Directory alternatives. In 2017, he came across JumpCloud, a cloud directory solution that provides unified device and identity access management for Mac, Linux, and Windows machines.

Bringing the Power of JumpCloud to BinBin

In July 2022, Deniz joined BinBin, where he runs CloudOps IT. At the time, the company was using Google Workspace, which made the decision to deploy JumpCloud an easy one. This marks the sixth time Deniz has successfully encouraged a Turkish company to secure identities and devices with JumpCloud.

For Deniz, getting JumpCloud up and running was a breeze. First, he finished configuration processes (such as password policies) in the JumpCloud Admin console. After that, he quickly ran tests on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems by installing the JumpCloud agent and then ran commands to collect logs and distribute programs. After that, he connected JumpCloud to Google Workspace and imported user identities to JumpCloud. To Deniz, the process was simple and straightforward.

Streamlining Device and Identity Access Management & Improving Security

As someone already well-versed in JumpCloud’s capabilities, Deniz knew what he could expect by deploying JumpCloud across BinBin’s environment. 

Here are some of the ways Deniz and his team use JumpCloud to stay focused on their organization’s priorities of innovation and continuous improvement.

Device and identity access management made easy 

Using JumpCloud, Deniz now manages 300 BinBin users and 400 devices. Additionally, Deniz uses JumpCloud to administer access to more than 20 applications, including Slack, Jira, and AWS.

“Ultimately, I aim to manage all of our users, all of our systems, all of our services, and all of our devices from a single place,” Deniz explains.

The BinBin team also makes use of JumpCloud commands and policies, including a BitLocker policy that enables Deniz to enforce full-disk encryption on every Windows device.

“We’ve created more than 70 policies for our devices through JumpCloud, and we have more than 20 commands working,” Deniz says. As a result, managing devices and groups of devices is that much easier.

JumpCloud also enables Deniz to quickly push user accounts to both Mac and PC devices. As a result, BinBin’s users can toggle between operating systems as they run tests and complete other tasks, making it easier to ensure optimal user experiences across platforms.

A stronger security stance 

With JumpCloud, BinBin has been able to improve its security stance considerably. On top of the policies and commands that make Deniz’s life easier, BinBin also uses JumpCloud SSO to ensure only authorized users can access systems and applications.

“For us, this is indispensable,” Deniz says. “We can easily manage more than 300 of our users — including permissions, security, and access — from one pane of glass.” 

What’s more, BinBin leverages JumpCloud’s cloud RADIUS servers to securely connect users to Wi-Fi hotspots without the company having to share its Wi-Fi password. They’re also using JumpCloud to implement a Zero Trust security model, which helps them protect their most sensitive data and assets.

“Thanks to Zero Trust, we provide IP-based or zone-based protection to our most important resources,” Deniz continues.

Last but not least, BinBin also uses JumpCloud’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution and conditional access policies to further improve its security posture.

Any advice for IT professionals thinking about moving to a new directory service?

“Stop wasting thousands of dollars and dealing with outdated, cumbersome systems,” Deniz concludes. “JumpCloud is freedom.”

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