Track employee activity data with 360° clarity

It’s tough for IT to know what employees are using, when, how, and from where with a patchwork of point tools for monitoring and securing access. JumpCloud Directory Insights makes it easy for admins to see a complete picture of employee activity across every endpoint — applications, networks, servers, and devices — in the cloud or on-premises, so your organization can provide compliance reports, investigate events, and remediate threats.

With Directory Insights, your organization will gain total visibility across JumpCloud authentication endpoints, including SAML applications, LDAP resources, RADIUS networks, MDM commands, and Mac®/Windows®/Linux® authentications.

JumpCloud Directory Insights
  • Leverage robust auditing capabilities and certify your company is in compliance for industry standards and procedures like SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA with easily accessible, end-to-end event logs and user data via the Activity Log UI, API, and PowerShell Module
  • Follow a clear, secured trail of user activities, when, and from where across JumpCloud’s authentication endpoints to track, uncover, and diagnose events
  • Easily monitor, filter, and export indexed data to save historical records in JSON or .CSV formats, or use API/PowerShell to extract data into a SIEM or tool of your choice
  • Quickly investigate, respond to, and analyze issues and security incidents like authentication attempts from unknown actions and locations to make sure your employees and company resources are secure

We’re thrilled with Directory Insights. We can rest easy that we have a single pane of glass for identity access control and device management, and now full 360 degree audit and compliance visibility into our computers, networks, and applications.”

Directory Insights Capabilities

User & Directory Events

Access 90 days of complete directory event logs for JumpCloud Admin and User Portal activity including admin-level changes and employee authentication attempts impacting their identity security, including password changes, MFA, and SSH keys.

OS Events

View events for user activity across Mac, Windows, and Linux systems including authentications, password changes, and Full Disk Encryption key updates.

SSO Events

Track user authentications to SAML SSO applications across JumpCloud’s unified access to web and on-prem apps.

Cloud RADIUS & LDAP Events

See logs on user authentication to RADIUS for VPNs and WiFi, as well as to LDAP including LDAP bind and search events types.

MDM Events

Validate Apple MDM command logs to ensure systems are secured wherever they’re located.

Elasticsearch & Filters

Narrow down your view to look at pre-processed data of a certain type from a specific timeframe to pinpoint critical events.

API & PowerShell

Query Directory Insights data via API or the JumpCloud PowerShell Module to further streamline IT operations. Ingest your directory data into a third party tool or S3 bucket to further analyze.

JumpCloud’s pricing is simple and flexible so you can select directory features a la carte or bundle them for the best value.
Email to enable Directory Insights.

Set up a free JumpCloud account for up to 10 users and systems and try out Directory Insights before adding it to your directory.