Centralized Identity. Single Source of Truth.

JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® provides a unified point of user management and authentication – with no need for on-prem servers or infrastructure. Securely connect users to their workstations, servers, networks, apps, and files. JumpCloud can serve as your authoritative directory or defer to existing identity providers depending on your needs.

JumpCloud Cloud LDAP
  • Native account creation across Windows®, Linux®, & macOS®
  • Works with G Suite™, Office 365™, Active Directory®, Workday®, & more
  • Connect users to IT resources via LDAP, SAML, & RADIUS
  • Group management
  • Public SSH key management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • MFA
Unified IAM

Unified IAM:

Simplify user management with a unified identity provider. Seamless integrations with G Suite, Azure Active Directory (O365), on-prem AD, & others.

Built in Security

Built-In Security:

Protect user identities & IT resources. JumpCloud adheres to rigorous standards for data security and encryption, including SOC 2 compliance.
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Reduced IT Workload

Reduced IT Workload:

Rapidly create, import, and provision users in the JumpCloud admin console. Leverage onboarding automation tools to make more time for what matters.

Cloud Directory User Management Features

User Account Management

User Account Management

IT admins simply create or import user accounts in the JumpCloud console. You can provision differing levels of access based on user group membership. Subsequently, users in JumpCloud can be quickly and efficiently deployed to devices (Mac/Windows/Linux), applications (Salesforce/Slack®/Jira®), file servers (QNAP®/Synology®), networks (Meraki®/OpenVPN®), and cloud-based infrastructure (AWS®/GCP®).

One Password, All Resources

JumpCloud controls access to all your user's resources. Users require only one password to remember to gain secure access to their macOS, Windows, and Linux workstations and servers, cloud or on-prem apps and services, wireless and VPN networks, and their files stored on network-attached storage systems.

One Password, All Resources
Password and SSH Key Management

Password and SSH Key Management

JumpCloud’s extensive support for credential management incorporates the industry’s most trusted approaches for both password and secure shell access to server infrastructure. Admins can model the complexity of the passwords, be alerted to impending expiries and brute force lockouts, and govern the credentials used for server access among teams of sysadmins.

G Suite & Office 365 Directory Management

Leverage JumpCloud’s native, API-based integrations with G Suite and Office 365 (Azure AD) to manage the identities of those critical employee services. Provision new user accounts or import and manage previously existing ones to ensure they are bound to and governed by your core directory, JumpCloud.

G Suite & O365 Directory Management
AD Integration

AD Integration

JumpCloud’s AD Integration extends identities managed in Active Directory® to resources that are not directly bound to the AD Domain Controller infrastructure, often IT resources such as macOS/Linux systems, AWS infrastructure, VPNs/WiFi access, web applications, and more. AD can remain your master authority and user identities can be extended to all of the resources they need access to – both on-prem and in the cloud.

Workday Directory Integration

JumpCloud connects with Workday to enable admins to seamlessly import Workday accounts, instantly transforming them into cloud-based employee identities. Sync your IT and HR teams to onboard new hires quickly and securely provide access to required resources.

Workday Directory Integration
User Attributes

User Attributes

Each user account can be decorated with a wide range of attributes, including fields such as address, phone number, employee ID, and much more. These attributes can be passed along to other IT resources via protocols such as LDAP and SAML subsequently being used within those applications to customize behavior.

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