JumpCloud Introduces Remote Assist To Extend Critical Device Management Capabilities

JumpCloud Remote Assist is free for any organization for unlimited devices

Written by Joranna Ng on October 25, 2022

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When the world went remote, people were surprised to learn that many aspects of their jobs looked pretty much the same as they did in the office. It turns out that accessing resources from the kitchen (or the beach, or a coffee shop, or a train) isn’t that different from doing it in the office. In fact, we make it our mission to make sure remote work can happen from anywhere, on your terms.

Remote tech support, however, isn’t quite the same experience when you can’t see or drive the user’s screen directly. It’s frustrating and inefficient at best, and at worst, it creates more issues than it solves. Between trying to understand the user’s issue and prescribing solutions via verbal or written instructions, every ticket seems to take twice as long as they should. 

But as remote work becomes a permanent part of today’s workplace (the average SME is now 57% remote or hybrid-remote), IT teams and MSPs must be able to effectively assist users remotely. To help teams streamline remote tech support, JumpCloud has introduced Remote Assist, which enables IT teams and MSPs to remotely view and control users’ devices. And we’ve got more good news: Remote Assist is free for all organizations and MSPs that use JumpCloud. 

How Does Remote Assist Work? 

JumpCloud Remote Assist facilitates remote tech support by allowing admins to remotely see and control a user’s device, regardless of their location. It includes the following capabilities:

  • Multi-OS support: Provide remote assistance to Windows and macOS devices, with Linux coming soon. 
  • Remote support straight from your browser: Offer remote assistance through your browser, from anywhere, with any device, and at any time, with no need to install additional tools. 
  • Multiple monitor support: View, control, and switch between any number of monitors connected to your remote Mac or Windows devices.
  • Audit Logging: Get centralized logging of all remote support sessions. 
  • Clipboard synchronization: Copy and paste text and images between remote and local devices (coming soon).
  • Role-based access control: Determine which technicians can access end user devices via the JumpCloud account role-based access controls.
  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Connection: Assist employees securely with fully secured, private sessions protected by unique session keys, end-to-end encryption, and direct peer-to-peer communications.

Note that the first release of JumpCloud Remote Assist focuses on attended access for macOS and Windows, with Linux and unattended access coming soon. 


Pricing Options for Every Organization

Packages and A La Carte Pricing

Key Benefits of JumpCloud Remote Assist

Remote Assist is free to all organizations and MSPs without any restrictions on time, number of devices, sessions or technicians. It allows organizations to support an unlimited number of devices, regardless of the number of IT technicians using JumpCloud Remote Assist, for as long as they want. This ability to remotely assist users effectively (without incurring additional costs) is a critical component in making a smooth transition to the long-term remote-first paradigm.  

Benefits to Direct Customers:

  • Increased Productivity and Lower User Friction: End-users resolve their technical problems more quickly, allowing them to focus on productivity and minimize time lost while waiting on issue fixes.
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux Support: Remote assistance becomes available to everyone — not just Windows users. This boosts team productivity as well as the end-user experience. 
  • Faster Resolution for Help-Desk Tickets: IT teams can close helpdesk tickets faster, reducing time-to-resolution for your users and optimizing IT’s productivity time.

Benefits to MSPs:

  • Increased Reselling Margins: Centralize all your core capabilities such as identity, access, device management, and live remote assistance in the JumpCloud directory platform.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Provide an easy and cost-effective way to manage multi-OS devices remotely.
  • Optimize Technician Time: Empower your IT admins to work efficiently and provide faster time-to-resolution for helpdesk issues. 

Part of a Holistic Solution

With the latest Remote Assist solution offering, JumpCloud adds and consolidates multiple tools into a single platform. Organizations and MSPs that use JumpCloud can now administer and troubleshoot end-user devices remotely, without relying on or paying for third-party solutions.

In addition, the combination of Remote Assist, mobile device management (MDM), and patch management provides critical device management capabilities that deliver more comprehensive value than ad hoc approaches to device management. That includes optimized resources, time, and tools for IT teams and better savings for the organization.

Because the JumpCloud Directory Platform works well with other IT solutions in the market, organizations and MSPs can choose to use their existing MDM and identity access management (IAM) solutions while utilizing JumpCloud Remote Assist for free. All it takes to register is installing the JumpCloud Agent. 

Get JumpCloud Remote Assist!

JumpCloud is the only platform in the industry that consolidates live remote support with centralized identity and asset management to provide secure, frictionless accessTM to all company resources.

Sign up for a free 30 Day Trial to start working efficient remote assistance into your remote or hybrid strategy.

Joranna Ng

Joranna Ng is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at JumpCloud. She is passionate about technology and loves the device management, identity, and security space.

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