Password Manager

Create, store, and protect user credentials locally on devices, and centrally manage passwords, with JumpCloud Password Manager.


Of people reuse passwords across personal and work accounts, even though they know it’s a bad practice.


Of all data breaches are linked to passwords.


Of employees say they store login credentials in a notebook or journal, leaving them accessible to prying eyes.

Improve Password Habits and Secure Access

Weak, shared, or compromised passwords play a significant role in most data breaches. When end users are empowered to create and store complex passwords in a way that enhances their day-to-day experience, they play an active role in protecting your organization from malicious actors.

Looking for an alternative to LastPass? Try JumpCloud’s Password Manager out for free!

“JumpCloud is a perfect compliment for an organization that is working towards their SOC II. This has solved password management across PCs and Macs and has made a one person IT department viable at the moment.”