Microsoft Office 365 Provisioning and Sync ­- Eliminating Active Directory

Microsoft Office 365 diagram

More organizations than ever are making the leap to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 (Office 365). The productivity suite includes hosted Exchange email and licensing for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Microsoft’s strategy is to shift their customers to the cloud and Office 365 is central to that strategy. The challenge for IT organizations, especially those with an eye to the cloud and a desire for freedom of choice, is how to centrally manage an organization’s identities. Does IT keep their on­premises Active Directory server even though the rest of their infrastructure is moving to the cloud? Can they keep AD when they desire moving to non­Microsoft infrastructure? Is there an alternative that can connect all of these parts without installing and managing a directory?

If you’re making the move to Office 365, it’s a great time to re­think your directory services infrastructure. Take stock of your internal systems and platforms, cloud infrastructure, on­premises and cloud applications, and your network gear. In many cases, the right decision is to move on from your on­premises identity provider and move it to the cloud. An independent, cloud hosted directory service can help centralize user management while increasing security by controlling access to virtually all of your IT infrastructure.

JumpCloud’s Directory-­as-­a-­Service® is the next generation answer to Identity-­as-­a-­Service. With tight integration with Microsoft Office 365, JumpCloud’s cloud­based directory service eliminates the need for Active Directory. Now, organizations can centralize their identity management with JumpCloud and provision, de­provision, and manage user accounts on Office 365. If Office 365 is in place before JumpCloud, all user accounts can be imported and subsequently managed by JumpCloud. JumpCloud and Office 365 change the game for IT admins, allowing organizations to make the complete leap to the cloud.


  • Provision, de­provision, and synchronize Office 365 identities from JumpCloud’s management console
  • Import pre­existing Office 365 identities into JumpCloud
  • Extend Office 365 identities to systems, cloud infrastructure, WiFi authentication, other applications, and more
  • Unify an employee’s identity across Office 365, G Suite, System log­in, WiFi authentication, application sign­on, server access and more


  • Complete independence of infrastructure choices
  • Single point of control for Office 365 identity management
  • Freedom of choice to leverage infrastructure of your choice alongside Microsoft solutions
  • Completely shift to the cloud – email & productivity with Office 365 – and JumpCloud for directory services
  • No on­-premises Active Directory server or ongoing ­management required


10 users free forever.

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