Directory Services

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) brings the power of traditional, on-premises, directories to the cloud, enabling IT admins to securely connect and manage users with the applications, devices, and networks users need to access. Support for a wide variety of protocols ensures that an organization can control and manage a wide variety of on-premise or cloud-based resources.

Centralized Identity Management Delivered from the Cloud

JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory provides your organization with a centralized point of management and authentication for your employees with no on-premises servers and infrastructure needed. Securely connect users to the various network, application, system and storage resources they need when they need it.

Secure Credential Management

JumpCloud’s directory securely manages your employee’s credentials, while ensuring the highest level of security and built-in architecture to protect your most secure information. JumpCloud’s credential management ranges from securely encrypting and managing password hashes to the various endpoints requiring real-time or off-line authentication, to SSH key management for secure server access. JumpCloud’s credential services include password complexity management and rotation, brute force lock out management and alerting and more.

LDAP, RADIUS and SAML Authentication Services

JumpCloud’s array of standards-based protocols enable IT admins to bind traditional resources such as local network switches and WAPs, on-premise applications, and storage devices to traditional endpoints such as RADIUS or LDAP with no need for any server installation or domain binding. Combined with SAML 2.0 for identity federation to a large portfolio of web-based applications, JumpCloud’s cloud-based protocols simplify the management and control of all resources required to fall under directory governance.

G Suite and Office 365 Directory Services

Leverage JumpCloud’s native, API-based integrations with G Suite and Office 365 to manage the identities of those critical employee services. Provision new user accounts or import and bind to previously existing ones to ensure they are bound to and governed by your core directory with JumpCloud.

Windows, Mac and Linux System Management

Similar to traditional directories like AD, JumpCloud’s directory services include sophisticated, cross-OS support for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Manage user accounts, execute scripts and commands, lay down security and configuration policies and step up authentication security with multi-factor authentication.

RESTful API Services

As a modern, cloud-based platform, JumpCloud’s core directory services can be entirely operated by RESTful commands, enabling your directory to become an integral part of your automated and scaling infrastructure needs.



  • Core identity management including user account profiles and secure credential management.
  • Cross-OS system management supporting Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Protocol support including LDAP, SAML, RADIUS.
  • SSH key credential management for secure server authentication.
  • Multi-factor authentication for increased user and admin security.
  • End User/Employee Self Service
  • Password Complexity Management
  • Microsoft® Active Directory® Bridge
  • G Suite integration
  • Office 365 integration
  • REST-based interface for automation and integration needs.



  • Securely connects users with IT resources — JumpCloud’s directory services connect users to the IT resources they need, including applications, devices, and networks.
  • Supports cloud and on-premises IT resources — users and the IT resources they need can be anywhere globally and within any type of network.
  • Single click provisioning / deprovisioning — ability to quickly and systematically provision and deprovision users across a wide variety of IT resources.
  • Enhanced security — JumpCloud’s directory services take an organization’s security to another level with strong hashing algorithms, multi-factor authentication capabilities, and logging.
  • Automatic high availability — JumpCloud’s automated load balancing, elastic scaling, and redundancy means your end users will never be denied access to the applications, systems, and IT resources they depend on.
  • Avoid management overhead — zero installation or server configuration and no on-going management hassles.
  • Simplify compliance and auditing — JumpCloud’s logging system enables IT admins to export user event data in seconds.


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