Set Policies for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems

Written by Greg Keller on December 13, 2019

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IT pros have long utilized Active Directory® to leverage Group Policy Objects (GPOs) on Windows devices. But Mac® and Linux® devices could not be easily managed from one ‘pane of glass’ – until now, that is.

Microsoft® Active Directory only focused on Windows policies and left Mac and Linux device management up to IT admins. For IT organizations that want to centrally manage their systems, that presents a major challenge.

Cross-Platform Policies Possible with Directory-as-a-Service

Directory-as-a-Service®, enables management of devices across all three major platforms from a single console. Establish better security controls and policies, all remotely, no matter where your users’ systems are. Think of this approach as a way to have cross-platform GPO-like capabilities.

If this sounds like something that could benefit your organization, sign-up for an account today. Your first 10 users are free forever.

Resources for Policies on Windows, Mac, & Linux

Here are some resources to help with your use of our cloud identity management platform.

Visit the Knowledge Base to get complete, detailed information about how to set policies across your environment with JumpCloud.

Policy Support for All Major Systems

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Modern IT organizations are now mixed-platform environments, but conventional device management tools haven’t kept pace. Don’t struggle with Active Directory when there is a cloud-forward, platform-agnostic alternative.

You want to make sure that your systems are updated, their security policies are set properly, and users have access to the printers and file servers that they need.

Give JumpCloud’s IDaaS platform a try for yourself and see how you can set and manage policies across all of your systems. Your first 10 users are free forever.

Greg Keller

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