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Written by Rajat Bhargava on October 9, 2014

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LDAP is a cornerstone application in many organizations. It’s the user store of record, and is the database where users, applications, and devices are authenticated. Like many other applications and services (think email, CRM, etc.), the opportunity to move to a SaaS-based LDAP model is compelling for many organizations. This is an area where JumpCloud® has been spending a lot of time. With our roots in user management, customers asked us if we could extend that functionality to include LDAP, but as a service managed from the cloud.

That made a lot of sense to us. As we looked around the marketplace, we really couldn’t find an easy, cost-effective way for companies to outsource their LDAP management. So, it became a natural extension for us. Here’s how it works:

Central User Directory

Cloud Directory Service DaaS

Organizations can leverage our central, secure user directory as their user store. Users can be populated via our central console or they can be added via an API call all through an extremely simple to understand user interface.

LDAP Authentication

Systems and applications can easily authenticate access against the cloud-based LDAP directory by pointing those services to our URL. Note that all authentication requests are via SSL. Plus, if you need a REST API for your authentication, you can do that for the applications that need it against the same directory store.

Self-Serve Portal

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Admins no longer need to be in the middle of setting passwords, issuing keys, or even resetting passwords. Regardless of the directory, this is far more efficient and secure.

Control Over Password Complexity and Rotation

IT admins can set policy to control the complexity requirements of passwords, as well as how often the passwords and/or keys need to be rotated.

No Maintenance

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The servers, software, and maintenance tasks are all handled by JumpCloud. LDAP becomes a truly managed service. The only things that admins need to worry about are their users and pointing their devices and applications to auth with our service.

The benefits for organizations leveraging a SaaS-based LDAP service like JumpCloud’s are the time savings for your IT staff, the increased ability to easily auth devices and applications against your LDAP instance, and increased security. Admins can focus on the core things that they need to do, instead of managing the headaches of LDAP.

If you are interested in utilizing a SaaS-based LDAP system, give us a call. We’d be happy to help. You can also give it a try for yourself by signing up for a free account of our cloud-based directory. Your first 10 users are free forever, with no credit card required.

Rajat Bhargava

Rajat Bhargava is co-founder and CEO of JumpCloud, the first Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS). JumpCloud securely connects and manages employees, their devices and IT applications. An MIT graduate with two decades of experience in industries including cloud, security, networking and IT, Rajat is an eight-time entrepreneur with five exits including two IPOs, three trade sales and three companies still private.

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