Always On. Always Secure.

JumpCloud’s LDAP-as-a-Service is OpenLDAP reimagined for modern IT and DevOps. Securely and centrally manage access to virtually any resource that can auth through LDAP. Apps, VPNs, on-prem infrastructure, NAS, and more – all delivered as a service, with no on-premises LDAP infrastructure needed.

JumpCloud Cloud LDAP
  • LDAP auth from the cloud
  • Global network of LDAP servers
  • Control from the browser, command line, or RESTful API
  • Encrypted by LDAPS & Start TLS
  • Group-based access control
  • OpenLDAP RFC 2307 compliant
Simpler LDAP


No need to install, configure, and manage your own LDAP infrastructure.

Faster LDAP


One core identity saves time with onboarding, offboarding, and password resets.

More Secure LDAP

More Secure

Data encrypted in transit via LDAPS & Start TLS. Passwords one-way hashed & salted.

Cloud LDAP Features

AuthN to Apps and Services

AuthN to Apps & Services

JumpCloud provides authentication for any application or service that can defer authentication via LDAP. Integrate with apps such as Atlassian Jira and Confluence or with DevOps infrastructure such as Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenVPN, and thousands of others.

AuthZ with Group Membership

Leverage JumpCloud’s group membership to provide authorization to apps and services that leverage LDAP’s standard memberOf filtering to ensure that the right people have the right access to the service.

AuthZ with Group Membership
NAS authentication with LDAP and Samba attributes

NAS Authentication with LDAP & Samba Attributes

LDAP-as-a-Service includes secure support for authentication and group-based authorization on Samba file servers or commercial NAS appliances such as Synology, QNAP, Morro Data, and more.

User Management

Create, edit, and import users, modify group membership and user attributes from the JumpCloud admin console or the command line.

User Management
Self Service


JumpCloud provides end users with a simple-to-use portal where they can access resources, manage account settings, and even reset their own passwords.

High Availability

JumpCloud's global network of LDAP servers is built for high uptime and low latency. We take care of the availability, security, load balancing, elastic scaling, and redundancy.

High Availability

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Case Studies

Ooyala Case Study

Ooyala Goes Global with Cloud-Based Control of LDAP & RADIUS:

Andy Halvorsen, Global IT Director at Ooyala, was hunting for a solution that could help him replace OpenLDAP. He found JumpCloud.

Tamr Case Study

LDAP User Management Automated:

Tamr is an enterprise data company with an ever-expanding number of virtual servers on AWS. Learn how they used Cloud LDAP to reduce the hours they once spent onboarding to minutes.

Altitude Integrations Case Study

Technical Benefits of Client Management from the Cloud:

Jan Kalkus is the Lead Technician at Altitude Integration, a cloud-forward managed service provider (MSP). Kalkus explains how JumpCloud & LDAP integrate with their product stack.