OneLogin Has Been Acquired: Here’s What We Know

Written by Brenna Lee on October 4, 2021

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Recent news that OneLogin has been acquired by One Identity by Quest has surfaced, which means that current OneLogin customers have some obstacles ahead of them. Because so many things are up in the air during an acquisition, existing and prospective customers may not feel the effects immediately, but the implications of change are already swirling. 

Although OneLogin has been a popular single sign-on (SSO) solution on the market for quite some time, more and more organizations have been transitioning over to comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solutions that provide other built-in capabilities for the modern IT environment. These tools are meant to improve security and productivity all under one platform, eliminating the need for a variety of one-off IT solutions. 

This acquisition makes it even more clear that the market is quickly moving away from point solutions like OneLogin to holistic IAM solutions. The difficulty with mergers and acquisitions, especially in the cybersecurity and identity management space, is that the acquiring organization ends up housing a variety of subsidiaries that each offer a plethora of different products, which were not originally created to work together seamlessly. So, although the intention is there, integration and security issues still crop up.

For those that are currently using OneLogin or were considering becoming a customer prior to the acquisition news, there are some important things to consider and analyze before making any major decisions.

What We Know So Far

  • On October 1st, 2021, OneLogin was acquired by One Identity, a Quest Software subsidiary
  • The combined company offers a multitude of point solution tools that cover the following areas:
  • Quest is primarily focused on enterprise-sized companies, which tend to comprise of organizations with tens of thousands of users (or more)
  • Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, so little is known about the actual details of the deal
  • It is unclear today whether the OneLogin team, leadership, and engineers will remain with the combined entity

What Happens Next

So, with the emergence of this news, what happens next? If your organization uses OneLogin currently, now is an opportune time to rethink if it’s still worth investing in as your organization evolves. A quick reaction is important to keep your organization and its users from getting too caught up in issues that can arise during the acquisition process (which, depending upon the complexity of the two merging companies, can take months, quarters, or longer), especially if you’ve been considering other SSO and IAM options for some time.

Now is the time to consider any top-of-mind questions that you have, search for factual information, weigh suitable options that fit into your roadmap, and make a final decision on next steps. Further, taking into account common acquisition themes and the fallout of each is a step that should not be overlooked when creating an action plan. If your organization does not currently use OneLogin but was considering it prior to this news, the same process can be followed for determining the best next steps.


OneLogin Has Been Acquired — What Happens Next?

Recommendations For Moving Forward

After thinking through the implications of this news and weighing your options, it’s time to put your action plan into place. This action plan should be based on facts, the calculated expectations that you have in place, and the specific needs of your organization. 

Consider your organization’s one, two, or even five-year plan — will you need a more comprehensive and streamlined IAM solution in place? Take a moment to also think about SSO in a broader context — your users likely need to securely log in to more than just web applications, so you need SSO across virtually all of your IT resources — which is out-of-scope for OneLogin. Further, consider the intent of One Identity — if they change OneLogin, how will it affect your organization and your use of their software? And, lastly, plan for a worst case scenario so you’re not blindsided by any sudden changes.


OneLogin Has Been Acquired: Recommendations For Moving Forward

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