Device Management With Google Workspace and JumpCloud

Written by Brenna Lee on May 15, 2023

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Google Workspace is a popular productivity platform leveraged by over 6 million organizations worldwide. Many of these businesses want Google to be the foundation of their IT infrastructure, but they’re also in need of full-scale device management capabilities which prompts the question—can I manage devices with Google Workspace?

The short answer is yes, you can manage devices with the Google Workspace and JumpCloud Directory Platform package. The two tools integrate seamlessly to where you can extend your Google Workspace identities across JumpCloud-managed devices (and to any other JumpCloud-managed resource). This approach gives you one, central location (the JumpCloud Console) to manage a single, secure identity for each user in your organization, along with any devices used for work, regardless of operating system (OS) or whether they’re company-owned.

We’ll get back to that in a minute though – first let’s dive into why device management is such a hot topic right now.

Proper Device Management is Critical

Proper and centralized device management is critical across any size organization because devices are the gateway into your critical resources and information. Not only do user identities need to be properly managed and protected by IT, but each device used to access sensitive work data needs the same high level of scrutiny. Even if an identity trying to access organizational resources is verified, if the device that identity is using to access your resources is unknown, unsecured, or compromised, you’re putting your organization at risk by granting that identity access.

Devices need to be kept up-to-date and secured via policies in order to mitigate the risks of a breach or theft. After all, devices are a core part of the process to access IT resources, which is one of the most important functions that an IT organization provides to their end users. This is why organizations that rely on Google Workspace for identity management are now wondering how to implement full-scale device management across their business.

So, now let’s get back to JumpCloud and Google Workspace’s joint productivity and device management package.

JumpCloud and Google Workspace: Filling the Device Management Gap

In April of 2023, Google Workspace announced a partnership with JumpCloud, which resulted in a collaboration and identity, access, and device management package that organizations can use to promote both productivity and security. This makes it even easier to adopt Google Workspace for organizations with even the most rigorous security and regulatory requirements, and it allows organizations already using Google Workspace to implement a modern, open directory into their IT environment without getting locked into Microsoft’s ecosystem.

This package creates a backbone for organizations worldwide to build on without losing any of the freedom and flexibility that IT needs to keep users productive and devices and resources secure. 

JumpCloud Device Management and Much More

Use JumpCloud’s open directory platform to extend Google Workspace identities to other connected resources, such as devices, applications, networks, and more! Along with that, use JumpCloud to secure and manage any device that your employees use for work—no matter what OS they use or where that user is located. Manage Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices from the same console that you manage your Google Workspace users.

JumpCloud’s platform is designed to provide secure, frictionless access to core IT resources. That process requires that identities, devices, and networks be secured along with the correct authorization rights. Ensuring that the device is secure, safe, and healthy is a core component of providing users with safe access to their IT resources, and it can be done with the JumpCloud and Google Workspace package.


Securely connect to any resource using Google Workspace and JumpCloud.

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