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Written by Michael Setticasi on April 24, 2023

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Managing a modern IT environment is no simple task, and it gets significantly harder when IT needs to enable productivity among a dispersed workforce while managing a plethora of different types of resources and devices.

Many IT organizations feel overwhelmed and stuck, largely because the current approach to IT management and productivity enablement seems to only exist along one of two paths: using an inflexible, single-vendor solution, or cobbling together point solutions from multiple vendors. Both of these strategies are costly, difficult to maintain, and leave IT organizations with limited options. 

A Modern Approach: JumpCloud and Google Workspace

JumpCloud and Google Cloud recognize the problem that so many organizations face and have come together to provide a better solution. JumpCloud and Google Workspace are now officially partnered together to provide a modern IT management and productivity package.

As businesses continue to shift toward hybrid work models, IT teams must evaluate which tools enable them to securely optimize workforce productivity at scale. Global organizations can now combine Google Workspace’s innovative communications capabilities with JumpCloud’s device management and directory services, providing IT teams with a modern collaboration solution that is flexible and can evolve with their business’ needs.

Kevin Icchpurani, Vice President of Global Partner Ecosystem and Channels, Google Cloud

What Organizations Get With JumpCloud and Google Workspace

With this package, from Google Workspace, organizations get:

Google’s Workspace Enterprise and Enterprise Plus, which includes its well-established workforce collaboration suite, unlimited storage, data loss prevention, enhanced Meets capabilities, and more.

With this package, from JumpCloud, organizations get:

JumpCloud’s open directory platform, which unifies single sign-on (SSO), mobile device management (MDM), password management, patch management, and much more into a single, cloud-based directory with complete identity and access management (IAM) capabilities.

Benefits of Using JumpCloud and Google Workspace Together

Using the JumpCloud Directory Platform and Google Workspace together provides a cost-effective, best-in-class alternative to legacy single-vendor solutions that’s easier than ever to implement and roll out. It combines the benefits of Google Workspace’s productivity solution with a cloud-based open directory platform to form a modern collaboration and identity, access, and device management solution—one that eliminates the need for many point solutions that bog down IT environments.

This package provides the flexibility that many organizations seek, while empowering them to choose the tools that work best for their goals and day-to-day processes. One tool used in an IT environment should never dictate exactly what else can or cannot be used—that’s for each organization to decide.

Closed, legacy, and on-premises systems are rigid, making it nearly impossible for organizations to modernize with cloud solutions. Our partnership with Google Workspace gives IT teams an open, modern, and affordable solution to ensure their workforces can collaborate effectively with any IT resource from any location from a trusted device. This package also delivers tremendous opportunity for Google Workspace’s channel partners, empowering them with a single, competitive solution for workforce collaboration, directory services, and device management.

Greg Keller, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, JumpCloud

The JumpCloud and Google Workspace package gives organizations:

  • Simplified and secure resource access.
  • The ability for users to connect to any resource, anywhere, at any time.
  • Streamlined user lifecycle management.
  • Reduced IT complexity and costs.
  • Zero Trust security capabilities.
  • An efficient approach to IT and productivity management.

The Package vs Separate Solutions

Rather than IT teams choosing a legacy directory and then hoping to smoothly integrate a productivity suite with it, this integrated approach allows IT organizations to choose the tools that are right for them, without getting locked into an outdated IT model. Further, it enables IT to secure user access to resources, regardless of location, without the need for additional point solutions. No matter what devices and operating systems employees use, secure and manage them centrally from the JumpCloud Console while empowering users to be productive within Google Workspace.

This packaged offering enables organizations to take advantage of the key components of Google Workspace’s productivity and collaboration tools, as well as JumpCloud’s open directory platform, with no hassle or integration headaches. Plus, the flexible infrastructure that this partnership provides further future-proofs IT environments by leaving room for evolution and change over time.

JumpCloud and Google Workspace have made it easier than ever to leverage two foundational platforms so IT can use any tools the business needs, making user productivity and IT management a breeze.

Simplify and Secure Access With JumpCloud and Google Workspace

JumpCloud’s open directory platform provides customers with an alternative directory service to replace aging Microsoft Active Directory servers with its modern cloud-based solution. JumpCloud’s integration with Google Workspace enables identity workflows and synchronization to thousands of applications, HRIS systems, and cloud infrastructure, regardless of where users work. 

There are also extensive benefits of the JumpCloud and Google Workspace partnership for MSPs and JumpCloud partners that already use and promote Google Workspace. This package ties the two solutions together and provides a comprehensive IT solution for organizations looking to modernize their IT infrastructure and avoid or get rid of any existing on-prem, legacy infrastructure.


Securely connect to any resource using Google Workspace and JumpCloud.

Michael Setticasi

Michael Setticasi leads all global Strategic Alliances with JumpCloud and partners like Google, CrowdStrike, AWS and others. 20+ years’ experience and success building out key business development functions with organizations – channel sales, technology partnerships, strategic alliances, and OEM agreements.

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