Your IT Compliance Quickstart Guide

Not a compliance expert? That’s okay! IT compliance is simply a metric of what you already do: IT and security. This quickstart guide will help you navigate compliance quickly and painlessly.

Building a Rock-Solid Compliance Foundation

If you have a strong baseline of IT and security best practices, you don’t need to worry about compliance — because you’re already doing it every day. And if you have good IT management and reporting techniques built in, you can easily tweak and demonstrate those best practices when it comes time for an audit. Learn how to build the right compliance foundation for your organization in the resources below.

Low-Stress Compliance: How to Tackle a SOC 2 Audit Webinar Banner

How to Tackle a SOC 2 Audit

In this on-demand webinar, Nina Currigan of KPMG will share her deep expertise on the whys and how's of auditing and compliance — particularly SOC 2 — for IT teams. She's joined by JumpCloud's Ryan Bacon and Nicole Bushong, who offer both the Security team and IT admin's perspective on SOC 2 compliance, including what they do to get prepared and oversee as Audit Manager and Control Owner.

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Ask the experts how you can use JumpCloud to implement, enforce, and demonstrate controls in your environment.

IT Compliance Resources

Learn about general best practices or browse resources by regulation.



Learn about SOC 2 and get tips on achieving SOC 2 compliance.

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Explore NIST framework requirements, including NIST 800-53 and 800-63.

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ISO 27001

Get tips on achieving ISO 27001 compliance.

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Cybersecurity insurance

Learn how to meet cybersecurity insurance standards and optimize your premiums.

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Get information on HIPAA and achieving HIPAA compliance with JumpCloud.

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Learn how to comply with PCI DSS using JumpCloud.

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