JumpCloud and Google: Even Better Together

One year later customers and partners alike achieve greater flexibility and productivity

Written by David Worthington and Chase Doelling on May 29, 2024

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It’s been just over a year since JumpCloud and Google announced a strategic partnership to  seamlessly manage your Google Workspace identities, the access they need, from any device leveraging one platform. You may be wondering what’s new, how it’s going for our customers and partners, and what benefits they’re getting from the joint solution? This article provides a condensed set of resources that make it simpler to get started with a demo or simulations.


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Even Better Together

The partnership began as an initiative to combine Google Workspace’s innovative communications capabilities with JumpCloud’s device management and directory services. Over the past year JumpCloud has enhanced its open directory platform with features that were designed specifically to help Google Cloud and Google Workspace customers. Here are the top three:

Passwordless Access

Touch ID prompt on macOS during JumpCloud Go verification.

We introduced passwordless access capabilities through JumpCloud GoTM that use platform authenticators like Windows Hello and TouchID for Mac for greater ease of use. It also reduces MFA fatigue while providing a secure, phishing resistant MFA solution.  

Google Workspace as a Primary Identity Provider

JumpCloud’s Identity federation makes it possible for admins to easily add device management to their environment while using their Google Workspace credentials as the primary identity. This allows users to access the JumpCloud user portal and single sign-on (SSO) applications with Google Workspace  as the external Identity Provider (IdP).


See how JumpCloud Go stacks up against Okta FastPass.

Temporary Admin Access

Temporary elevated device privileges make it easy for organizations to secure their environment while providing users the necessary access to complete key tasks. Just think of how many printer installations you won’t have to handle anymore.

IT Operational Efficiency and Business Flexibility

Platforms aren’t just features on a checklist; they’re how IT enables business operations. Practical benefits simplify administration, increase IT efficiency and flexibility. Our customers tell us that these benefits have had the most impact:

  • JumpCloud can provision/control Google Cloud Identities. Use your Workspace login to access everything from apps to devices and network hardware. Provision users to/from other clouds and on-premise directories. 
  • Automations streamline access control and entitlements management. This is especially important to secure and remotely manage Windows and Linux servers in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Step-up MFA provides an extra layer of protection for privileged resources so only managed users on managed devices can access your most privileged apps and data.
  • Simplify cross-OS endpoint management and patch/update/manage Chrome everywhere using Chrome Browser management policies.
    • Android EMM supports BYOD, COPE, and dedicated deployment models.
  • Provide phishing resistant SSO to protect all of your resources.
    • JumpCloud provides instant revocation when a user status changes from “active” to “suspended” due to integrated identity and device management.

Customer Successes

Using JumpCloud and Google together is a better fit for many organizations. Don’t just take our word for it: These three Google and JumpCloud customers can demonstrate the value of increased productivity for their IT teams with the added benefit of enhanced user experiences.


Article employees previously had to set 10 passwords for 10 different systems. Now, passwords are linked between JumpCloud and Google Workspace, meaning employees need fewer passwords to access the full range of apps and systems they need to work. This translates to stronger security that enables — rather than inhibits — productivity … a winning combination.

Every tool we looked at had a gap until we found JumpCloud. We spent a month testing, actively trying to break JumpCloud, but it was airtight. We knew we had found the right tool.

Salar Sahraeian Senior Manager, Information Technology, at Article

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Unicity is a global food and supplement supplier that was running on M365 E3 licenses, on premise AD. Its CTO and Director of IT were previous customers of JumpCloud and wanted to migrate away from Microsoft and its growing subscription costs. With the migration, they will be 95% off Microsoft, save a few servers in-region where they are required due to local regulation. Unicity partnered with SADA, a cloud solution provider that specializes in Google Workspace.

With a global workforce and regional IT teams supporting them, Unicity has struggled to operate securely within the confines of a traditional Active Directory model. Migrating to JumpCloud and Google Workspace represents a strategic move towards cloud-based infrastructure, emphasizing security, flexibility, and efficiency.

Zach Middleton, Director IT Operations


Equip, which provides virtual eating disorder care for patients and caregivers, is leveraging Google Enterprise and based on SADA’s expertise with Google Workspace. It adopted JumpCloud as a strategic move for its IT infrastructure and to maximize its Google investment. The joint solution helped it to achieve SOC 2 compliance goals.


JumpCloud’s IT Compliance Quickstart Guide was designed to get IT professionals the resources they need to prepare for an audit or shore up their IT security baseline.

Reduce Your Legacy, Strengthen Security

It’s inevitable that IT directors will ask, “why not just use Microsoft 365?” But perhaps another question that could be posed is, “is E3 right for you?” Let’s briefly examine why using Active Directory and Office 365 isn’t always beneficial for every organization.

  • Microsoft’s Office 365 apps were among the most popular targets for attackers in 2023. Google Workspace is outperforming Microsoft in a vital way: email security. According to Coalition, a leading managing general agent for cyber security risk. The risk of claims for business email compromise (BEC) and funds transfer fraud (FTF) events were found to be equally as bad with M365 as on-prem Exchange.
    • IT Directors that value Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) may be attracted to M365, but its vulnerabilities may place identities and data at risk.
    • This is in stark contrast to companies using Google Workspace, which experienced a 25% risk reduction for FTF or BEC claims and a 10% risk reduction for ransomware claims.
    • During the first half of 2023, organizations using M365 email were more than twice as likely to experience a cyber insurance claim as Google users.
  • The combined solution of JumpCloud/Google is potentially less expensive, depending on licensing and infrastructure costs. For example, using Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) can lead to many hidden costs.
  • Gain long term value that the legacy AD model doesn’t provide. Investment into new features to modernize, secure, and protect AD has shifted into Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem. The end result is a vertically integrated suite of services and tools that’s one-size-fits-all. This is a prescribed path for every size business that uses AD and can expand Microsoft’s footprint into nearly every area of your IT infrastructure.

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