Introducing System Policies

Written by Greg Keller on November 20, 2017

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Today, the JumpCloud product team is announcing the general availability of our latest feature, System Policies. Policies allow system administrators to remotely configure and deploy specific settings to Windows, Mac, and Linux hosts. These settings control the behavior of systems for various purposes, most commonly to enforce security standards to harden computing endpoints. Policies are set through JumpCloud’s graphical web UI and require no coding skills. Once configured, admins can deploy policies to specific systems, or entire groups of systems, and monitor the status of each machine to ensure the policy is enabled.

JumpCloud’s policies are as simple as pointing and clicking.

Many long-time administrators, especially those working in Microsoft-centric environments, will be familiar with the concept of Group Policy Objects or “GPOs”. JumpCloud’s policies introduce an analog to this concept, albeit supporting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This enables a sysadmin to create a consistent model of system configurations and behaviors without the need to code. Further, this enables the sysadmin to deliver this functionality from the cloud, with no on-premise servers required, nor the need for VPNs to ‘check in’ and ensure systems are updated with the latest policies. JumpCloud will maintain constant secure contact regardless of the network the user is on.

Sysadmins can see the state of policies on each system they are bound to or the policies bound to each system.

In this initial release, the JumpCloud teal has issued a selection of ‘policy templates’. These are the basis for modeling the configuration behavior of a group of systems such as the need for certain systems to enforce a timed screensaver/lockout when idle activity occurs, or, in sensitive environments, the ability to deny a storage system from mountain to a laptop when inserted into its USB. As part of the JumpCloud system agent check-in process, policies on an individual system will check their configuration on a 60-second cadence. If a policy is modified locally by a user on their system, JumpCloud will automatically correct those modifications to comply with the policy set by JumpCloud.

JumpCloud’s Policy Library will grow constantly, so please ensure our Customer Success team knows the policies which are of importance for you for your system management needs. On behalf of the product team, we’d also would like to thank our Early Access testers who put the time in to help us assess various factors of the release from usability to varying environmental factors. We’re excited to see this live, in your hands, and growing fast.

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