G2 Track Integration

Written by Chase Doelling on November 9, 2020

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The number of SaaS applications a modern business uses across departments continues to expand, often with overlapping features. While this allows organizations to compete and communicate more effectively than ever, it’s also a relatively new problem to manage all of that spend from a centralized location.  What’s worse is oftentimes, the actual usage of all those applications is either obfuscated or outdated.

There is now a close collaboration that happens between finance and IT teams to understand this growing application OpEx and to make sure an organization only pays for what it needs and who needs it. But making sure everyone has real time access to usage is a challenge, often looking at applications one by one just before a looming renewal.

The JumpCloud G2 Track Integration

With JumpCloud’s G2 Track integration, organizations can leverage JumpCloud Directory Insights™ to not only monitor authentication and authorization throughout their cloud directory  platform, but now also increase visibility into SaaS spend to optimize their cost models.  This is especially helpful in recycling licenses to different users as people join or leave the organization.

Taking it a step further, how do you know the applications different teams are using are either critical, complimentary, or down right painful to use? G2 Track can automatically create and gather user feedback based on JumpCloud application usage.

What Does It Do?

This integration allows finance and IT alike to:

Access Utilization & Engagement Data: See how many licenses you have available with your applications, how many have been allocated, and how many are actively being used.

Gather User Sentiment: Identify what software is critical to your business by getting feedback (through sentiment surveys) from your employees on the tools they use every day.

To get started with this integration, log in to your G2 Track account under Integrations, add your organization’s JumpCloud API key, and you’re off to the races!

Not a JumpCloud Customer?

JumpCloud is a directory service platform that enables IT organizations to manage and secure end user access to their critical day-to-day resources. From a single cloud console, you can control authentication to Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® devices, applications both on-premises and in the cloud, networks, infrastructure, and much more. Using Directory Insights, IT admins can monitor and track authentication events across their JumpCloud platform to prove compliance and ensure security.

You can try JumpCloud Free today to see the platform in action for up to 10 users and devices with Directory Insights included — no credit card required.

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