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Written by Scott Reed on September 5, 2018

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Every day, IT professionals and DevOps engineers come to work and enter an arena of chaos and entropy as they battle the unique challenges posed to them by their environments.

At their fingertips, lucky admins with Jumpcloud implemented have the ability to silently execute commands run with administrative permissions across their fleet of managed machines.

JumpCloud commands can prove to be both time and life savers for admins when they get into binds and need to invoke a change or query information in a pinch.

The JumpCloud Commands Gallery contains an ever-expanding arsenal of commands curated by JumpCloud’s Success and Solution engineers designed to solve problems at scale and aid admins in their quest for knowledge, truth, and control.

This repo of commands, hosted on GitHub, contains production-ready Mac, Linux, and Windows commands.

To make using these commands even easier, each command within the JumpCloud Commands Gallery also contains an import link.

Admins can import commands from the gallery directly into their JumpCloud tenant by copying and pasting the Import This Command link found at the bottom of each command into a PowerShell terminal authenticated to their JumpCloud tenant.

Some commands within the gallery require an admin’s interaction prior to running as s/he may need to populate environment-specific variables.

Find information on how to use a command under the Description heading.

The JumpCloud PowerShell module can be installed in a few clicks on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Find information about installing this module here.

Scott Reed

Scott Reed is a Product Manager on the Devices team at JumpCloud. Prior to joining the Product team, he led the Solution Architecture team at JumpCloud. In fact, Scott is the original author of the JumpCloud PowerShell module. Scott’s background is in Corporate IT. Outside of work Scott loves to seek out fresh air and adventure with his wife, two young sons, and their black lab Lucy.

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