Understand Command Results

JumpCloud's Commands resource lets you run commands using PowerShell, Bash, and Shell across any number of devices (Windows, Mac or Linux) or Device Groups.  Every command returns an result code, also sometimes referred to as a result status, exit status, or exit code. Result codes can be useful in diagnosing issues with Commands.


  • Command results are not specific to JumpCloud and will vary depending on which OS or terminal the commands are executed on.
  • The Command Results page will timeout with an error if it takes too long to return all results. We recommend deleting command results that are no longer needed and trying again.
  • JumpCloud commands are executed on Windows as the NT\Authority user (unlike sudo for Linux/Mac); to function properly, command scripts will need to be written as user-agnostic.
  • Any change made via a command script will have to be applied to all users.
  • Command results and custom command scripts are outside the the scope of JumpCloud support.


  • You need a managed device running on a supported OS to create a command.
  • You need to create device groups before you create a command. See Create a Device Group.

Common Command Result Codes

Linux/Mac Result Codes

Result Code Description
0 The operation completed successfully
1 Catch-all for general errors
2 Misuse of shell built-ins (according to Bash documentation)
124 Function timeout
126 Command invoked cannot execute
127 Command not found
128 Invalid argument to exit
128+n Fatal error signal “n”
255\* Exit status out of range

Windows Result Codes

Result Code Description
0 The operation completed successfully
1 Incorrect function
2 The system cannot find the file specified
124 Function timeout
126 The specified module could not be found
127 The specified procedure could not be found
128 There are no child processes to wait for
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