Manage Queued Commands

The Queued tab lists commands that have been configured but are yet to run on all of the devices they’ve been applied to. The queue is ordered alphabetically by command name, but columns are sortable. 

From the queued commands list, IT Admins can cancel commands in the queue or view command details to remove pending devices from queued commands. Use the search to find commands by command name. Note: Search is case sensitive and partial word search works only from the beginning of a word.


  • Commands that are configured to Run as Scheduled and Run as Repeating are not displayed on the queued commands list.

Commands Queue Overview

To view the queued commands list, log in to the Admin Portal and navigate to Commands Queued.

  • Command Name: Name of the command as specified during configuration.
  • OS: Type of command, as specified during configuration. 
  • Pending: Number of devices on which the command has yet to run.
  • Queued At: Date and time the command entered the queue.
  • Cancel Command: Quick action button to cancel the command on pending devices.

To remove a command from the command queue:

  1. Click Cancel Command in the row of the command you want to cancel.
  2. Cancel Command modal appears. To confirm the cancellation, enter the number of devices where the command is currently pending.
  3. Click Cancel Command.
    • Note: This will only cancel the command on devices where the command is pending.

Queued Command Details

Click on a Command Name to view details of the devices where the command is pending, as well as devices that have already run the command. You can remove any pending devices from the list, view the results of a command, or search for an assigned device by name, serial number, or hostname.

  • Device: Name of the device where the command is assigned. 
  • Host Name: Hostname of the device.
  • Serial Number: Serial number of the device.
  • Last Contact: The device’s last known contact to the JumpCloud agent.
  • Status: Status of the command on the device. 
  • Un-Queue Device: Click to remove the device from the command queue.
  • View Results: Click to review the Command Result Details.

Tip: Use Filter by to display results by a command status:

  • COMPLETED: Show only devices where the command has run successfully.
  • FAILED: Show only devices where the command has run unsuccessfully.
  • TIMED OUT: Show only devices where the command has not completed before the Timeout After value set when creating the command.
  • PENDING: Show only devices where the command is yet to run.
  • RUNNING: Show only devices where the command is currently running.

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