Enhancing iOS Enrollment with Automated Device Enrollment

Written by Tom Bridge on April 20, 2022

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There is nothing I love more than unboxing a new iPhone or iPad, turning it on, and setting it up. There’s an attention to detail and craft in the packaging of these beautiful devices, from the way the box is crafted, all the way down to the paper wrappers.

Once you turn the device on, that attention to detail continues with Apple’s Setup Assistant for iOS, which guides you through restoring a backup and configuring the new device to your liking. That process, though, can be quite lengthy, and for corporate-enrolled devices, it’s a lot easier to help your end users steer through the process faster to get to the real experience after the setup.

New JumpCloud Support for ADE on iOS

To help admins speed up the initial setup process without sacrificing the experience (or having to do it manually), the JumpCloud Directory Platform now supports Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) for iOS and iPadOS devices. As a JumpCloud Admin, you can control the enrollment experience of your company’s iOS devices, secure the enrollment cycle to protect your organization and automate configuration steps, providing a custom experience that your teams will love. 

Configuring Zero-Touch enrollment for iOS and iPadOS is done within the MDM page in the navigation. Where there was a single configuration before, now, we offer an experience for macOS and an experience for iOS and iPadOS:

Customize Configuration for End Users

When you configure iOS and iPadOS devices, the choices are different than they are for configuring a macOS device. For one, there are several additional screens that can be skipped, including the setup of iMessage, Apple Pay, and Cellular settings, all of which (as an admin) you may not want your users touching. You can focus your enrollment process only where your end user needs to make good choices, like signing in with the right Apple ID, configuring Face ID or Touch ID, or skipping the ability to migrate an older device to a new one. 

End users unboxing their new work iPad or iPhone will get the great experience they have come to expect from Apple equipment, and better yet, IT doesn’t have to handle all of the setup process. All of this, coupled with an optional authentication step, will give you peace of mind that setup of these new devices in the field will be easy, safe and secure for your team.

Tom Bridge

Tom Bridge is JumpCloud’s Principal Product Manager for Apple technologies. He has spent more than 20 years in IT roles at SMB and Medium Enterprise organizations as a consultant. He has degrees in Political Science and Music from Denison University, and a Masters in History of Science & Technology from Virginia Tech. He lives in the District of Columbia with his wife Tiffany, son Charlie, and 25-lb cat Macro.

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