Frictionless MFA: JumpCloud Partnership With Cisco Duo

Written by Megan Anderson on March 5, 2020

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Thanks to the JumpCloud® partnership with Cisco® Duo®, organizations can secure their gateway to many IT resources by requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the form of biometrics, SMS, mobile push notifications, or USB keys. This optimizes the user authentication process and makes compromised credentials less of a liability. Read on to learn more.

Improve User Experience With Frictionless MFA

The MFA solution that works for one organization may not fit another organization’s preferences. For example, some organizations avoid TOTP MFA because it requires users to have access to their smartphones with an authenticator application, and enter the token before it refreshes. Although it’s one of the more secure MFA methods, TOTP can be cumbersome — particularly for users who can’t access their smartphones during work, such as government employees.

Fortunately, Duo MFA lets users authenticate to JumpCloud using a variety of methods, including push notifications, phone callbacks, SMS codes, and hardware keys –– usually a USB stick –– that users insert into their device and press a button on it to authenticate. Having the option to select your mode of MFA lets you optimize the process to fit your unique work environment.

Conditional MFA and Network Segmentation

MFA keeps your IT environment secure as it is, but segmenting your network so users only have access to specific parts of it makes your IT infrastructure doubly secure. JumpCloud and Cisco Duo can help you accomplish this tight network security.

With Cisco Duo, admins can set conditional access based on location, biometrics, and/or IP address. For example, an admin can restrict access to IT resources based in Canada by requiring MFA from users attempting to access them from Colombia. This allows admins to automatically block unauthorized access to specific resources without needing to set user privileges manually.

Meanwhile, JumpCloud allows admins to segment their network, preventing unauthorized access to IT resources. For example, your dev infrastructure can be put on a separate network from your sales infrastructure, reducing the chances of someone accessing applications, systems, or files they have no need to interfere with.

The pairing of JumpCloud’s network segmentation and Duo’s conditional MFA secures your organization’s infrastructure and makes authentication frictionless. Users who meet the criteria for conditional access will have an easier time authenticating to their resources, maximizing efficiency. Meanwhile, if a bad actor manages to gain entry to the network (a big “if” when pairing authentication with MFA), they will only have admittance to part of it, minimizing the scale of the damage they can cause. 

Scale as You Grow

One of the best benefits of using Duo with JumpCloud is the security and flexibility the two offer. Both services are cloud-based, thus establishing a Zero Trust security perimeter. Plus, since you don’t need to upgrade any hardware, your IT resources grow as your organization grows. IT teams can avoid the integration work involved in switching from one system to another by remaining with the products they began with.

Easily Setup JumpCloud with Cisco Duo

One of the gripes admins have with MFA solutions is how challenging they can be to integrate with various systems, applications, and tools. However, Cisco Duo can be enabled for JumpCloud in under a minute. Here’s how:

Simply search for “Web SDK” in Duo Admin and select “Protect This Application.” All three fields required for the integration will be set up automatically. 

Once that’s finished, go into the JumpCloud Admin portal and toggle Duo Security. Then, copy and paste the three fields from the Duo dashboard into the JumpCloud Admin and click save. You now have Duo MFA enabled for your JumpCloud portal. No hassle, no headaches.

Learn More

Want to learn more about how Cisco Duo and JumpCloud work hand-in-hand? Schedule a demo or sign up for a free account. You’ll never have to pay for your first 10 users, and you can explore what JumpCloud has to offer for an unlimited amount of time.

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