Use AD Import with RADIUS


About JumpCloud AD Import and JumpCloud RADIUS

You can create users in Active Directory Domain Services (AD-DS) and use the JumpCloud AD Import Agent to sync them to JumpCloud RADIUS. For example, the following screenshot displays a user and group in AD-DS:

  • The JumpCloud AD Import Agent syncs that user information in JumpCloud, then you can connect the user to a user group in JumpCloud to grant access to the RADIUS Server.

Disabling or Re-enabling a User’s Access

To disable a user’s access, select Disable Account in Active Directory Domain Services.

  • Wait 90 seconds for the user’s account is suspended in JumpCloud, and the user can no longer connect to the wireless network.
  • When re-enabling, the user’s account status will be active within 90 seconds, and the user will once again be able to connect to the wireless network.
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