Troubleshoot: Unable to Create a Shared Folder in JumpCloud Password Manager


A user can't create a Shared Folder within the JumpCloud Password Manager app. Either the option is not available or there are errors creating the Shared Folder.


This is caused by an out of date Password Manager app version. Newer versions of the JumpCloud Password Manager have the personal-sharing feature enabled. This feature allows users to create and share their own Shared Folders within the JumpCloud Password Manager app.

To update the app to the latest version, see Troubleshoot: Update The JumpCloud Password Manager App.

If the issue persists after updating the app, submit a ticket with the JumpCloud Support team. See Contact JumpCloud Support.

Ensure to collect the following information and provide to our Support team:

  1. The JumpCloud Password Manager App logs.
  2. The affected user IDs and the device IDs.
  3. An accurate description of the issue the user is facing.
    • Screenshots, visuals, or video clips will be extremely helpful for our engineering teams.
  4. The Password Manager app versions of each affected device.
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