Troubleshoot: JumpCloud Password Manager Folder Items Aren’t Syncing


Adding or editing items to folders within JumpCloud Password Manager do not syncing to other users that are members of same folder.


  1. Restart the Password Manager app on all of the impacted devices. See Troubleshoot: Restart The JumpCloud Password Manager Desktop App.


On macOS devices, ensure to install and run the Password Manager app from the Applications folder. Do not run Password Manager from the installer wizard that appears when double-clicking the downloaded dmg file.

  1. Verify that the JumpCloud Password Manager Apps of all users that are members of the folder are up to date.
  2. Next, verify that there aren’t any potential networking issues on impacted devices. Try switching to a mobile hotspot or turn on/off airplane mode.
  3. Make sure no firewall or networking rules are blocking Password Manager app traffic on any of the impacted devices.
  4. On devices that have access to the shared folder, go to the JumpCloud Password Manager App Settings page and click Synchronize.
    • In the iOS app this is called Force sync.
    • In the Android app this is called Synchronize your data.
  5. If the issue persists, add a new item, or edit an existing item to the impacted folder as this can help trigger a sync.
  6. If sync still isn’t successful, un-assign the user then assign them again to the folder.

If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, gather the following info from the impacted users and submit a ticket with the JumpCloud Support team:

  1. The JumpCloud Password Manager App logs.
  2. The impacted user IDs and the device IDs.
  3. An accurate description of the issue the user is facing. Screenshots, visuals, or video clips will be extremely helpful for our engineering teams.
  4. The app versions on each affected device.
  5. The name of the subject shared folder(s).


In some cases, the issue is related to a specific folder that becomes corrupted. Creating a new folder and sharing the items through the new folder helps as a quick solution

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