Restore JumpCloud Password Manager from Cloud Backup

If enabled by admin, your JumpCloud Password Manager data will have a cloud backup in addition to the automatic backup stored on your device. Cloud Backups minimize the chance of data loss. The cloud backup is encrypted and requires a private decryption key, stored by the admin, to restore the backup.


Once cloud backups are enabled in the admin portal, it will be available in the desktop app (Mac, Windows, or Linux). Restore from cloud backup is not available on the mobile app.

Restoring from Cloud Backup

In the Desktop App

  • On the desktop app, go to Settings > Backup Center > Cloud Backups tab.
  • You can select to restore from a specific backup, or can use the Restore from Cloud File button and then select the specific backup to use.
  • Once a restore has been requested, a badge will indicate the request and you will have the option to cancel the request. Only one restore can be requested at a time, so if you accidentally requested the wrong backup file, you will need to cancel and initiate a new request.

During Reactivation

When you are reactivating your Password Manager account on a device, a new option flow will be available.

  • Continuing with the restore workflow will send a notification to your admin; you will also get a verification email and be prompted to create a new PIN. 
  • Navigating to Settings > Backup Center > Cloud Backups will show the request badge just as if you had initiated the request from the desktop app.

When an admin approves the restore request, the items will get restored on your desktop app.

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