Enable JumpCloud Admins to Sign In with GWS

This article guides JumpCloud Admins on how to log in to an organization's Admin Portal via the Sign in with Google button found on the Admin Portal.


  • This process requires the desired JumpCloud Administrator account be created and activated by the admin via the Welcome Email.
    • When administrator accounts are created in the JumpCloud Admin Portal, a Welcome Email is generated. The admin must open the email and select the option to “Set Up Account”. See Manage Admin Accounts.

Integrating a JumpCloud Admin Account with a GWS Account

  1. Login to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Click your initials in the top right, and then select Administrators.

  1. In the Administrators pane, select your name from the the list of all current JumpCloud Admins within the organization.
  2. Next, select Connect next to the Enable Login with Google section.


Only the logged in admin user will have the Connect option.

  1. Complete the OAuth connection using your GWS Account and log out.
  2. Go back to the  JumpCloud Admin Portal login page and click the Sign in with Google button to confirm functionality.

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